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Eyeliners enhance the expression of your eyes. Your eye makeup is incomplete without that perfect brush of eyeliner. There are numerous styles of applying an eyeliner. It gives you a casual look to a glam look, from dark or smoldering to bright and fresh. Eyeliners have become an integral part of our makeup kit which define your overall beauty. Let’s talk about different styles; 

NATURAL LINER LOOK: For a really natural look, apply the eyeliner in such a way as to fill in the spaces between the roots of the eyelashes. A simpler and quicker way to do this is to fill in your top lashes from the underside. Everyone should master this look and at the same time it defines your eyes.

 LONG LINER LOOK: It gives a dramatic and eleganct look to your eyes. To get this effect position the eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye and then pull the liner toward the outer part of the eye towards the end of your eyebrow. 

CAT EYE LINER LOOK: Cat eye liner gives you a glamorous, classy, trendy and dramatic look. Firstly you should take a scale or cello tape and angle it from your nose to the end of your outer brow to find your end point. Now mark the tip of your wing by drawing a line from your eyeliner above your crease to the outer corner of the eye. Slowly pull your eyeliner from the corner of your eye to the middle of your lid and position your line as high as you want your cat eye to go. Now fill the outer that you have made. Finally, connect your inner corner of your eye with your cat eye by drawing a line. As you get closer towards the outer corner of your eye thicken the line with your eyeliner.

 FISHTAIL LINER LOOK: For that exotic look Fishtail eyeliner look is the best. It’s eyecatching and flattering. Firstly, using your eyeliner draw a line up and out from the outer corner of your eye. Now line the upper lash line starting at that the inner corner of your eye. Next draw a line connecting the tip of your outer line to your upper lash line, so that it creates a triangle. Fill in the triangle with your black liner and smooth out your lash line. Now outline the outer portion of your bottom lash line. Then draw a line down out from the lower corner of your eye. Finallly draw a connecting line to the outer tip of your line to your lower lash line creating a triangle. Fill in the triangle with your eyeliner. Most importantly make sure upper and lower liner connects at the outer corner of your eye in a fishtail shape. 

DUO-COLORED EYELINER LOOK: Bored of the same old black eyeliner look. You can experiment by applying different single colors or by doubling the colors, for example black and blue or blue and red etc. Colors can brighten up your eyes and give you glamorous or jazzy look. Colored eyeliner can be applied in any style you want whether double winged, natural look, fishtail etc. For single color use the color you want and apply it directly to your eyes instead of the black eyeliner. For double colored eyeliner, you have to first apply and style it with the black eyeliner and then you need to outline it with the colored eyeliner or instead of the black eyeliner you can choose any two different color variation. 

ABSTRACT/ GRAPHIC EYELINER LOOK: This style is inspired by Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt. You can design them in any way you want. In this style you can be as creative as you want. Draw your eyeliner in cat eye style, then flick upward and outward and bring it back. Trace a line along your crease and fill along the shape of your eye lid dip. Now fill the space between your liners with and glitter eye shadow or liner. This gives more of a feminine and romantic look.

 EYE LID COVERED EYELINER LOOK: Here you cover your whole upper eyelid with your liner or you can outline your eyelid with your eyeliner and fill the innner section of the eye with eyeshadow or glitter. This gives your eyes a very glamorous and dazzling look. 

ENCLOSED EYELINER LOOK: In this style it encloses the eye in a continuous wing but stops under the eyelid. For this you will have to drag the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye to the outer part of your eye, and continue drawing the wing underneath your lower lid and stop half way of the lower eyelid.

 PEACOCK EYELINER: As the name suggests it’s related to peacocks. Whether you style your eye by designing feathers in the color combination of blue, green, light green, yellow. Here you need to mix match the colors related to the peacock. We apply a blue eyeliner to the upper and lower lids, then we draw feathers with black eyeliner and finish it up by adding glitter eyeliner to the feathers and design. As the use of color combination it has become famously known as the peacock eyeliner look. 

DOUBLE WINGED EYELINER: For a cool and happening look try the double winged eyeliner. It gives you a sophisticated and elegant look. Draw your eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelids. Draw a curved wing on the upper lid and lower lid or you can change the curve wing to straight or upper wing to curve and lower wing to straight. You can style your wings in any way you want. 

SHARP WINGED EYELINER: Eyes are the most expressive feature of your face. For that we should be more creative. We need to draw a long winged eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye and drag it to the end of the tip of your eyebrow making it increasingly thinner as you move out. Keep the line straight and end it in a sharp point. Our eyes are always expressive. They define your personality, attitude and confidence. And to make them more attractive try styling your eyes with the above eyeliner trends.