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60 Second Beauty: Big Volume Hair Waves

Here’s a little updated video on how I style my shoulder length hair – regular readers have seen this all before, I’m not sure much has changed.

The Cloud Nine curling wand is still the tool of nomination (here*) – it’s just the right diameter for the curls I like to make (they quickly waif into waves) and it doesn’t have a clutch to negotiate with. I don’t get on with the tongs with a clamp at all.

I segregate to flourish rather than wave considering if I just wave the hair, by the end of the first day it’s scrutinizingly straight ,just with largest texture and volume. Curling it gives me at least a day or two of full, sexy waves and then a day or too increasingly of texture. If I use unbearable dry shampoo and try not to touch my roots I can get four full days out of one torturous curling session!


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(It’s not that bad. I just get zinged stovepipe from holding the wand in the air, which is testament to how unfit I am. Or maybe not unfit: untoned. My stovepipe have unchangingly been weak and flimsy; it was my intention, when I was in my twenties, to really vitrify them up, GI jane-style, and do pull-ups like Sarah Connor in The Terminator but I think I managed well-nigh four pull-ups, once, surpassing I decided that arm strength wasn’t for me.)

After curling the whole lot – it’s important to section off tiny strands considering if you try to do chunks that are too big they don’t flourish so well – I spray my roots with Living Proof Dry Volume spray (here online*) and then the whole thing with Elnett hairspray (online here*.)

Dry Volume Spray is a hair miracle in a can: spritz roots and massage in and BOOM. Massive volume without any crunch or stickiness. It’s fast rhadamanthine my “can’t live without” hair product. Elnett is for holding the waves. Again, no stickiness or crispiness, this just brushes out if you need it to, though I like to just layer it over a number of days until I’m left with a huge, grippy mass of hair on top of my head.

Any questions, let me know in the comments. My hair, by the way, is cut to all one length just at shoulder level in a sort of blunt-ended long bob. No layers.


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