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Beauty Pie and the Cocktail of Youth

Long-term readers could, I am sure, rattle off a list of my favourite Eyeful Pie skincare products by heart. Over the years they’ve wilt staples in my eyeful routines – the sunny unruffle cleansers, the potent retinol range, the moisturisers that seem to inject near-impossible amounts of hydration into your skin so that it feels swelled with it, scrutinizingly wobbly, like one of those waterbeds from the eighties. (Here’s looking at you, Japanfusion Power Elixir Moisturiser.)


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And I’m never sure which I’m increasingly a fan of: Eyeful Pie’s perfectly-pitched formulas, with their potent zippy ingredients and crowd-pleasing textures, or Eyeful Pie’s unique merchantry model, which sees luxury eyeful products made at the world’s most premium eyeful labs sold uncontrived to the customer, without the usual gigantic mark-up.

The lab-direct pricing vacated would be unbearable of a pull for most (it’s usually up to 75% off a typical retail price) but when the products are so good they instantly wilt repeat purchases it’s kind of an unbeatable combination. And Beauty Pie are ever-expanding, with haircare and bodycare and home fragrance and now supplements, too.

For me, Eyeful Pie as a trademark have wilt synonymous with quality, high-performance and wondrous value for money. It’s luxury beauty, made in the “luxury” labs, but considering you’re wearing out the retail middleman you’re not paying for insanely expensive packaging and store fit-outs and all the other markups that tingle in. You’re getting the contents of the luxury bottle, pot or tube but in a very simple (but I must say incredibly classy!) bottle, pot or tube.

To requite you an example (I like doing these – I can’t mention specific brands when I do comparisons so you can just shout them out silently inside your head):

Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm, which is genuinely one of the most gorgeous balms on the planet, has a retail price of £50. This sits it slantingly a number of cleansing balms from very well-known premium brands. The Eyeful Pie price to members is £19.18, online here.

The same Japanfusion M3 Power Elixir Moisturiser, which seems to do just miraculous things on dehydrated skin, glossing it and sealing in moisture without any greasiness whatsoever, has a retail value (equivalent luxury squatter creams) of £70. I would very truly pay full price for this moisturiser if I had to – but Eyeful Pie thankfully sell it to members for £15.70, online here. One of the very weightier moisturisers you can buy, hands down, and it’s just over fifteen quid.

So: the members part, surpassing I get onto a very heady new launch! You sign up here (use the lawmaking RUTHSENTME for £10 off the £59 membership) and this gives you wangle to the huge range of Eyeful Pie products at Eyeful Pie prices. If you want to try surpassing you commit, there’s moreover a 60 day self-ruling trial running – here – that can be cancelled at any time surpassing the trial ends.

That’s it.

Potent, constructive products without the markups.

Now talking of potent and constructive products (behold my smooth segue into the new launch): Eyeful Pie have just released their most wide skincare formula to stage – fifteen zippy ingredients at very well-matured levels, each selected to help tighten and patina and firm the skin to make it towards increasingly youthful. It’s a veritable cocktail of potency and it’s called:

Youthbomb 360 Radiance Concentrate.

Not The Cocktail of Youth, which I moreover quite like as a product name, mainly for its Death Becomes Her vibes!

Designed to firm and tighten and to visibly soften lines it’s formulated for all skin types and is simple to slip into any skincare routine. Eyeful Pie say that every ingredient in Youthbomb has been selected for its worthiness to support the skin in how it reflects light – so we’re talking well-nigh ingredients that smooth, patina and hydrate.

It features the sectional Biolog-Elastic (TM) Complex, which is one of my favourite eyeful industry trade marked formula names to date, it’s like a double-barrelled Klingon surname! There’s moreover a powerful tousle of proteins and peptides, all in a serum that has a weightless, non-sticky feel.

Buy Youthbomb 360 Radiance Concentrate

I have to say that the first time I used it I actually felt the tightening effect. Then considering I thought I might be imagining things (or perhaps willing them to happen) I decided to test it virtually the eye zone and can veritably personize that there’s an firsthand sense of de-slackening. It’s a nice touch, considering although it’s the long-term effects you want from the ingredients, the instant tightening finger is very optimistic and energising.

It’s easy to fit Youthbomb into a routine, too. It’s not going to react with any of your other actives, so you don’t have to worry that if you wield it surpassing X or without Y you’re going to self-combust as you’re walking to the bus stop. Wield it without cleansing and surpassing your moisturiser – here’s a good morning routine:

Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser (£8.58 here, retail £25)

Super Retinol Eye Cream (£12 here, retail £60)

Youthbomb 360 Radiance Concentrate (£44 here, retail £185)

Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream (£15.90 here – equivalent retail price £100)

Featherlight SPF50 (£12.34 here, retail £35)

The Featherlight SPF50 is excellent, by the way – non-drying, non-greasy, just barely-there sunscreen that sits well underneath makeup. It’s here online. And the Super Healthy Skin Cream is a new discovery for me and might be one to rival the Japanfusion – I’m currently doing a week-long test using Super Healthy on one half of my squatter and the Japanfusion Power Elixir on the other. I’ll update you.

In summary, I think that the Youthbomb Serum is a very heady new product. It’s an all-in-one powerhouse that helps to uplift everything from radiance to firmness yet it’s foolproof and suits pretty much everyone.

You can slide it into any existing routine and it’s not going to pick fights with your other products – you can plane use it slantingly retinol (I’d use it afterwards, waiting a bit surpassing applying).

Find increasingly info on the new launch here – the sign-up page for Eyeful Pie membership is here and there’s the option of the self-ruling 60 day trial or, for the keen, jumping straight in with both feet and rhadamanthine an instant bona fide member. (Use RUTHSENTME for the tenner off!)

Are you once a Eyeful Pie member? What’s on your repeat buy list?


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