10+ Best Winter Nail Designs Ideas to Try 2024

To tell the truth, we've been thinking about winter nails since spring. Today! In this blog, After all, winter nail salon winter haven suits some of the richest person. The season is finally here, we thought, why not celebrate by sharing some of our favorite winter nail designs and perfect ideas asking the pros about their nail trends? Are you searching forward to the colder months 2024?

Nail artists have been creating gorgeous nail looks like it's no big deal and we're keeping it keep an eye on. try. Below you'll find a wide range of designs to suit every aesthetic taste, including festive jewel-toned designs, exciting new ways to wear glitter, astrology-themed artwork, drop shadows and more. We've also included some product ideas and suggestions from the developers themselves. Keep scrolling to see the (literally) coolest winter looks of the year.

Think about winter nail designs 2024

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As we prepare for upcoming holidays and events, a new selection of winter nail ideas is here to help you stay prepared and festive. And this year nails prove to be a greater joy than ever. Who among us hasn't felt the fleeting joy of looking down between endless meetings or another hand wash to treat ourselves to a fun print, a touch of glitter, or one of our winter nail polishes? favorite to bring us back to watch?

This season, elegant classy winter nails is all about maximum fun with minimum effort. Of course there are beautiful dark green and dark red nail polishes that are always in fashion as the best winter nail colors. But there are also tons of unexpected winter nail art colors that you can easily do from the comfort of your couch (I prefer ). with a glass of wine and a relaxed Netflix). Think bright shades that look like twinkling Christmas lights and pair well with winter hairstyles and makeup, or whimsical stickers that make it look like simple nail art.

So whatever your taste or skill, here are the best winter nail designs and Christmas nail ideas to take you through the holiday season until 2024. Well done.

Here You Can Find the Top 10+ Best Winter Nail Designs 2024

1. Coffee Skittles

If you're not good at nail art, try the Skittles manicure, a cute name for painting each nail a different color, usually to create a shade. It's done. Nail artist Crystal Sloan points out that the trick to turning these individual polishes into a cohesive manicure is to choose shades of the same tone. For this look she chose Ella + Mila nail polishes in the colors Lights Out, London Fog, Cup O'Latte, Forever Mine and Lust in Love.

2. Delicate Snowflakes

Adding gold snowflakes to your French manicure will instantly add festive charm. Want to try this look from nail artist Tia McDonald at home?

3. Winter Animal Tips

As the name suggests, the floral gel “blooms” in scattered droplets, which in this case form this unique French tip animalier design. Bates recommends "being patient, working slowly, and working one nail at a time" when recreating this style at home.

Winter Animal Tips

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4. Festive Minimalism

This minimalist design pays homage to typical Christmas decorations. Nail artist Katie Gentle says art gels (a type of viscous gel) are best for the small dots and lines in this look because they "don't bleed into unrecognizable areas."

5. Espresso Swirl

The focal point of this chocolate manicure, painted by manicurist Saradya Jolivert, are her two marble-accented nails, which combine brown nail polish, cream, and gold glitter. Jolivert's advice for getting the perfect marbled effect: "Don't agitate [your colors] too much, as this can make the marble cloudy." Less is more.

6. Decorated Tips

If you like the look of a French manicure but don't want to use eggshell tips, try black tips with gold stars for New Year's Eve celebrations.year. Rhiannon Howdon developed this style and found that how you position your hand to paint is key to achieving a clean French tip. She places her little finger on the table to support her hand, minimize movement and have more control over the toothbrush, she says.

7. Tuxedo Stripes

This model is striking for its simplicity and is synonymous with precision. Nail artist Brandi Faletti recommends using masking tape to create clean lines. Make sure to use a quick-drying top coat and let it cure before applying tape.

8. Enamel Gradient

A chocolate brown chrome set beautifully captures the rare but refreshing winter sunshine. To create this look, nail artist Charlotte Herberts first paints her black, brown and cream base on each finger, creating a gradient. She then applies a clear top coat and applies chrome powder to give the shiny effect.

9. Emerald Green Accent

Emerald green is a flattering shade that can be worn alone or mixed and matched with other colors to create eye-catching nail art, says nail artist Queenie Nguyen We love this manicure that features bright colors in abstract swirls.

10. Vibrant French Manicure

Christina Kao, co-founder and co-CEO of Le Mini Macaron, talks about the radiant French manicure is a great option for occasions when it snows. French tips have always been elegant, but by incorporating colors or shapes you can refine your style and give your look your own personal touch,” she explains.

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11. Nude Tones

Coffee and creamy caramel are two warm earth tones that have become winter staples. These colors are incredibly elegant says Nguyen, adding that they can be worn alone or with artistic patterns (like ombré, gradients, swirls, or plaids). Rita Remark, world-renowned manicurist and educator at Essie, agrees and says wearing these colors is a huge throwback to the '90s.

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12. Rich French Manicure

Nguyen says using bright colors like forest green, burnt orange and deep burgundy can make your French manicure more seasonal. “You can't go wrong with them in the winter,” she says.

13. Decadent Ruby Red

Remark describes Ruby Red as a decadent “timeless chameleon” shade because it features traditional French lace, sequins and even metallic details.