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It’s “neutrals with a hint of pink time”! Yes, that’s right: whilst the whole world of social media experiments with the mandatory seasonal shades of russet and bronze, I’m still stuck in bronzer mode with a little bit of pretty pink to eradicate signs of tiredness and add a bit of youthful well-to-do into the mix.

Here’s what I’m using on my squatter at the moment; the hero products are the recently rediscovered Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation and the liquid tincture from Rare Beauty, which seems to be totally sold out. Some potential alternatives listed below.

Let’s get cracking – if you’d like to watch all of the products in whoopee (and full technicolour) then scroll to the marrow of the page and click play on the video screen.

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

They’ve relaunched this foundation a few variegated times since I first reviewed it here in May 2013. It started off as a velvet finish squatter wiring and then it became two variegated foundations altogether, one with a matte finish and one with a glowier finish. The matte (simply called Forever) is veritably sunny for staying power and a massively perfected finish, the sort that looks airbrushed. The Skin Glow looks slightly increasingly natural and real. Flexible.

I use shade 2N but unquestionably it looks largest on me mixed with a bit of 2.5N to warm things up. In the depths of winter I’ll probably be 2N proper.

Shop Dior Skin Glow*

I finger as though you have to work quite quickly with this foundation, it sets fast and then sticks virtually until you have a proper cleanse with a flannel. The coverage is medium-to-full and it’s hands buildable – I can go in with flipside little tapped-on layer under the vision and virtually the nose and it looks seamless.

Find Dior Forever Skin Glow here* – at Escentual it unchangingly seems to be a load cheaper than elsewhere. There’s a reason for this and I can’t remember it, but whatever: it makes it just a little increasingly appealing, price-wise, when it’s £38.25 rather than £45.

Armani Power Fabric Concealer

This concealer deserves its own post; I use it constantly and it’s my default option. It gives a really natural, lightweight look, as though the product melds with the skin and moves with it, but the coverage is still very good. It’s a clever product in that it disguises and detracts without forming a thick, opaque layer.

Shop Power Fabric*

You still see some of the skin underneath but it makes everything vastly improved. If you tend to wear lighter, sheerer bases and a heavy concealer on top looks odd then this is the product for you. If you can stretch to it. I’d say it’s a good investment if you struggle with concealers that sit in fine lines or squint cakey – this blends in quickly and stays looking fresh all day.

You can find Power Fabric online here* – I use shade 5, for reference.

Charlotte Tilbury Surf Bronzer

Is unquestionably called Beautiful Skin Bronzer but I’m lazy. This is very similar to Chanel’s big surf bronzer in the unappetizing jar but comes in increasingly shades and is marginally less orange-toned so slightly increasingly foolproof. By buffing this into freshly-applied foundation you can create a sunkissed squint that’s very plausible and subtle or build up the colour for a increasingly dramatic look.

It’s spanking-new stuff. Priced to reflect that. I’ve just realised that this video is erring on the side of pure luxury which wasn’t intentional! Find the surf bronzer here*, I use shade 1.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

This is sold out everywhere by the looks of it, but requite this link* a try anyway in specimen you’re reading in a time of good stock! I use Hope, a lovely pink shade and you can see from the video that the value you need to use each time is minuscule. Truly. I doubt I’ll overly use this up, unless I live to one hundred and twenty.

Good alternatives, though they’re surf rather than liquid; the surf tincture from Rare Beauty (same brand, variegated texture) and moreover the surf blushes from Trinny London and Beauty Pie. They are all succulent – I wield with a skim for these, too, for a really flawless sort of effect.

If you’re lucky unbearable to get hold of the liquid tincture I use in the video then just dap a dot on each cheek and tousle lightly with a fluffy skim rather than a firmer, kabuki one. You don’t want to upset all the makeup underneath the blush, things can get unsafely patchy very quickly…

NARS Voyageur Palette

This is one of my most-used eye palettes. Possibly the most-used if you exclude the Becca one that’s now discontinued. As in the unshortened brand, not just the palette. NARS Voyageur in Suede has precisely the shades I want to use on a daily understructure and nothing else at all. It’s small and meaty and I can toss it in a handbag if I need to an it plane slides into one of those stupid small purse-on-a-string tons that are all the rage for people who seemingly never need to cart well-nigh an emergency Tampax, car keys or, I don’t know, money.

Find the palatte here* – and if you tap “Voyageur” into the search box then you’ll see plenty of videos where I’m using it. The big fat skim I use to wield the shimmery peach-beige shadow is the Bobbi Brown Blender, here* and the flatter, rounded one for the “fake eyeliner” trick that I do is a Sigma E55 brush, here*.

Brows and Lashes

Nearly there! Brows are groomed and thickened with the perennial favourite, Benefit’s Gimme Brow in shade 1, here*. Lashes are lengthened and volumised with L’Oreal’s Telescopic False Lash mascara (here*) which is as good as any of the luxury offerings out there. If you have fine, unappetizing lashes and big brushes do you no favours then honestly, get involved with the Telescopic. I prefer the one in the matte gold tube (currently seven-ish quid here*) for everyday use but it was in my car and couldn’t be bothered to go and get it.

Clinique Lip Pop

Clinique’s lipsticks are genuinely some of the very weightier out there. They combine a lip primer to smooth and fill with a beautiful, punchy dose of colour and you can get matte finishes or shinier ones. Peony is, in my opinion, the perfect pretty pink. At time of writing Clinique have these lipsticks for sale at virtually £17 – find them here*. I doubt anyone would regret the purchase of one of these – they finger like a luxury buy but don’t have the luxury price tag.L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara*:

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