Prince Andrew Will Not Return to Official Royal Duties—Ever

Since Jeffrey Epstein, the ny financier and convicted convict , died by suicide during a Manhattan cell in August 2019, scrutiny around who was involved in his alleged underage sex ring has shone a light-weight on a couple of well-known names, most notably Prince Andrew. The second-born son to Queen Elizabeth , the Duke of York is one among the very best profile alleged associates within the now worldwide scandal.

Prince Andrew and Epstein reportedly knew one another for 20 years and maintained a connection even after Epstein plead guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008. Earlier this summer, investigative reporting from the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown brought a revived specialise in Epstein and therefore the previous allegations that he hired underaged girls to perform sex acts at his homes between 2002 and 2005. (His crimes were imagined to have taken place in ny state, Florida, London and on his private island, “Little St. Jeff’s.”) In 2015, allegations specifically against Prince Andrew surfaced from one among Epstein’s accusers who claimed she was forced to perform sexual acts multiple times with British royal. With Epstein and his alleged crimes once more within the spotlight, Prince Andrew, now the eighth in line to British throne, was also once more front and centre.

“This is, in my opinion, the most important English royal scandal of the last 20 years,” says Elaine Lui, of popular website, which regularly covers the royalty told FLARE. “I think that the particulars of this story, the way that it’s been covered and therefore the way that it’s been interpreted, says tons about who we are collectively, and what our attitudes are about sex and girls.” The Canadian television personality says the rationale there has been such a lot coverage of Epstein’s crimes this point around is because there’s “political intrigue,” and “not necessarily because they cared about the women , but due to the opposite players who Jeffrey Epstein was connected to.”

On December 2, Prince Andrew’s accuser—Virginia Roberts (who now goes by the name Virginia Giuffre)—spoke to the BBC about her allegations against the royal in an emotional interview. Her appearance on BBC’s Panorama came just week after Prince Andrew spoke out publicly for the primary time about his relationship with Epstein and therefore the allegations against his former friend during a November 16 BBC TV interview in Buckingham Palace . The interview was just about a PR nightmare, and has since become a national joke within the U.K., depicting Prince Andrew, consistent with CNN journalist Kate Maltby, as “an entitled man-[child], incapable of understanding consequences.” Ouch.

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Since the interview aired, several UK companies have distanced themselves from Prince Andrew, abandoning causes championed by the prince. On November 20, the prince released a politician statement saying that he will step back from royal duties for the “foreseeable future,” and stating: “I still unequivocally regret my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein.” And just five days after his statement, the days reported that the Queen has decided to cancel Prince Andrew’s upcoming 60th birthday celebration amid the scandal. last , on May 31, The Sunday Times reported that Prince Andrew will officially not be returning to his royal duties—ever.

Here’s what we all know about Prince Andrew’s connection to Epstein and what could be next for the prominent member of Britain’s royalty .

Accuser speaks out against Prince Andrew

Although the fees against Epstein were officially dropped following his death, quite a dozen women still had an opportunity to inform their stories about Epstein and possible co-conspirators to a packed federal courtroom in ny City on August 27. one among the accusers, Giuffre, spoke out about Prince Andrew in particular: “He knows what he’s done and he can attest thereto . He knows exactly what he’s done and that i hope he comes clean about it.” Guiffre is that the girl seen within the well-circulated photo of Prince Andrew, who is now 59, in London in 2001. within the photo, he has his arm round the then 17-year-old’s waist.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, has said Prince Andrew ‘knows what he has done’.

Prince Andrew has always strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

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— ITV News (@itvnews) August 27, 2019

In 2015 court documents, which were unsealed the day before Epstein reportedly died by suicide, Giuffre said she was pressured by Epstein to possess sex with Prince Andrew 3 times , when she was 17. it’s also been confirmed by Epstein’s former pilot that Prince Andrew flew on a personal jet 3 times with Giuffre. Giuffre, who now lives in Australia, said that she was 15 years old and dealing at Mar-a-Lago (that’s President Trump’s Palm Beach , Florida estate), when she was picked up by Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell and therefore the woman who is being dubbed Epstein’s madam by his accusers. (Maxwell is additionally seen smiling within the background of the 2001 photo of Giuffre and Andrew.) Giuffre said she was forced into giving Epstein and his friends massages, which might later cause sexual encounters.

In a December 2 interview with BBC’s Panorama, Giuffre doubled down on her accusations, stating: “You always remember the face of somebody who has heaved over you,” in regard to her sexual abuse . Refuting Prince Andrew’s November 16 claims that he’s never met Giuffre, the mom-of-three said, “He knows what happened, i do know what happened, and there’s just one folks telling the reality and that i know that’s me.”

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Fergie’s connection to Epstein

We know that Prince Andrew (who is that the father of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and ex husband of Sarah Ferguson) met Epstein in 1999. They were reportedly introduced to every other by Maxwell, an in depth friend of the Prince. We also know that Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie, also had dealings with Epstein. In 2011, Epstein paid her assistant £15,000 to permit her to restructure a number of her debt.

Epstein and Prince Andrew’s relationship

All this attention on Prince Andrew looks like reminder for a reason. Media ran story after story about the duke’s ties to Epstein, which grew to a excitement in 2011, and prompted him to step down as Britain’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment in July of that year. What sparked such a lot interest in Epstein and Prince Andrew’s friendship was the unearthing of photos of the duo walking through New York’s Central Park the year prior, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that Epstein had been convicted of his sex crimes in 2008.

On August 17, the Daily Mail posted a 2010 video of Prince Andrew poking his head out of Epstein’s ny City mansion, bringing renewed interest in those photos of the 2 men walking through Central Park , which happened within 24 hours of the recording of this new footage. Buckingham Palace released a press release later that day, saying that, “The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any person and therefore the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

In denying any involvement in Epstein’s alleged crimes, Prince Andrew described their relationship as if they were infrequent acquaintances—yet he brought Epstein to the royal family’s dwelling in Scotland, (Balmoral Castle, a 163- year-old 52-bedroom abode) in 1999.

According to Angela Levin, a royal reporter for The Daily Mail, in June 2000, Epstein was present at Dance of the Decades party at Windsor Castle, which was hosted by the Queen to mark several milestone royal birthdays—Prince Andrew’s 40th, Princess Anne’s 50th, Princess Margaret’s 70th and Prince William’s 18th. In December of that year, Epstein attended a celebration that Prince Andrew threw for Maxwell at Sandringham, the Queen’s 200,000-acre private estate two and a half hours north of London. The trio also reportedly travelled to Phuket, Thailand, to celebrate New Year’s Eve together later that year.

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Prince Andrew’s response

After initially releasing a press release on August 24, exactly fortnight after Epstein’s death. Prince Andrew sat down for an interview with BBC on November 16. because the interview happened in Buckingham Palace , it had been obviously given the royal tap of approval by the Queen. And she’s probably regretting that now. within the rollercoaster of an interview, Prince Andrew claimed that he didn’t realize a 2006 warrant for Epstein’s arrest—during which era the American mogul attended the 18th birthday of 1 of Andrew’s daughters—because Epstein hadn’t told him (regardless of the very fact that he has a whole palace of individuals to vet his guests). within the same interview, Prince Andrew denied being BFFs with Epstein, saying it might “be a stretch” to mention they were close friends, and mentioned his status as a convict as “unbecoming behaviour.” In spite of all this “unbecoming behaviour,” the royal said that he doesn’t regret his friendship with Epstein, due to the mogul’s “extraordinary ability to bring people together,” which gave Prince Andrew networking opportunities…

Prince Andrew also denied the claims by one among Epstein’s victims that he had engaged in sex with underage girls under Epstein’s command, refuting the claim that he sweats profusely by saying that a war injury actually limits his sweating. “So I’m afraid to mention that there’s a medical condition that says that I didn’t roll in the hay ,” the royal said. Oh which photo? He says there’s no thanks to know whether or not it’s photoshopped…which isn’t exactly a solution .

And apparently, the Queen seems to agree. On November 25, the days reported that the monarch has decided to cancel the Prince’s upcoming birthday party; opting to host alittle family dinner for her son, who’s turning 60 on February 19. that’s getting to be one sad birthday celebration .

And on May 31, The Sunday Times reported that the Prince’s brief hiatus from royal duties is becoming a permanent one. consistent with a replacement report within the Times, “Prince Andrew, who stepped back from public life last year ‘for the foreseeable future,’ won’t resume official duties.” And don’t think that this is often a short lived change. Per The Sunday Times‘ royal correspondent: “The royalty has ‘no plans to review’ his position.”

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