Exploring the Benefits of Meditation Space Ideas 2023

A Little Zen Corner Meditation Cafe Get your dose of daily calm with our Little Zen Corner Meditation Cafe idea. Inspired by the serene tea ceremonies of Kyoto, this set includes elements such as a petite tea table, calming artwork, a floor mat, and pillows for you to sit on.

At the centerpiece of the corner is a small, beautifully crafted tea set, where you can make yourself a warm cup of chamomile or green tea while you meditate. As you steep yourself in the serene ambiance, you will find that you drink in Zen and brew out stress.

Meditation is a new form of lifestyle. It is a method of healthy living while maintain the calm and peace within the life. It is an essential part of mental as well as physical wellbeing. Those who meditate are likely to be much more at peace than to those who do not. Our meditation space can reflect our personality.

It affects our mood and sets an atmosphere for us. When it comes to meditation, having neat meditation space is a must. It allows you to focus and put good amount of concentration into your meditation practices.

The Best Meditation Space Ideas for Beginners

Best Meditation Space Ideas for Beginners

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Here are meditation corner ideas for you to get inspired by.

1. Choose the peace

Mediation is all about peace and calm. Make sure that the corner you choose for your mediation is peaceful and away from any noise.

2. Seating Area:  Meditation requires focus, and focus comes from comfort. Make sure your seating is comfortable to avoid any disturbances.

3. Soft lightings: A mediation corner having soft lights can lift up your mood and spirits for meditation.

4. Add Nature: Adding natural elements like plants etc. can make your meditation corner a lively place.

5. Digital Detoxification: This is a must for your calm time. Follow the no devices tech for corner meditation space ideas to benefit from meditation at the best.

Creative Meditation Space Ideas to Refresh Your Mind

Creative Meditation Space Ideas

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There are plenty of meditation corner ideas available on the internet. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Candles/ scent table- Install a candle table at your meditation corner. Use different colors and shapes. The light from candles provides aesthetics and a peace of mind.
  • Color therapy- Painting your meditation corner with nature inspired or your favorite colors can motivate you to meditate.
  • Zen garden- Build a mini–Zen Garden in your meditation corner. Using some stones and sands. It will add mindful touch to your meditation practice.
  • Art installations- Add art in your meditation corner ideas. It can make your corner look aesthetic and also provide a nice setting for you to meditate.
  • Canopy/curtains decor- Make your meditation corner dreamy by adding light colored curtains or hanging a canopy. It will provide you a close and cozy atmosphere for meditation vibes.

How Do You Make a Meditation Corner in a Bedroom?

Meditation Corner in a Bedroom

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Having a small meditation corner in bedroom can be great facility for you as it can provide you with comfort and relaxations both. Here is how you can make a meditation corner in bedroom.

At very first, make sure to choose the right spot. It should be comfortable corner with everything that you need for meditation. It can be near a window, adjacent to the bed or anywhere comfortable. Avoid keeping excess stuff in your small corner meditation space ideas. Declutter the corner and create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Once you have a nice corner, arrange a good and comfortable seating. Invest in yoga mats, floor couch cushions and other seating material. Make a soft flooring that will enable you to sit for good amount of time. Add your personal touch to your corner. By putting the elements that make you feel happy. It can be any decorative item, artwork or plants. Ensure the good lights for your meditation corner in bedroom.

Either keep natural lights or put your own soft and dim lights. Whatever fits your vibe and taste will be fine. Also, try adding some scent in your meditation corner. Incorporate a mindful arrangement to build a meditation friendly atmosphere. Keep away from all the distractions and noise. Always keep a good storage of the things that you might require during meditation. Consider keeping small drawers to keep candles, matchsticks and other essential things.

What Is the Right Place to Meditate?

meditation corner in bedroom

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The 'right' place to meditate is wherever you choose it to be! Your bedroom corner, your drawing room or the garden. It can be anywhere, where you find the peace and calm. It can also vary for every person. Some may find the calm indoors whereas for some it is must to be surrounded by nature while meditating. But the common factors that make your meditation place 'a right place' can be simple. Such as-

  • Having peaceful spot
  • Ensuring the comfortable sitting arrangement
  • A place to avoid distractions
  • Allowing you privacy
  • Some sort of natural lighting
  • Suitable temperature and good ventilation
  • Maintaining the consistency
  • Avoiding technology and devices

Having a right place to meditate is upon you. How you prefer to sit, how you find the calmness, what inspires you to meditate. All these factors come together and build you a 'right place' for your meditation corner. Make it a place where you enjoy spending your time and motivates you to remain consistent in meditation. It should be able to bring joy for you, not the burden.

Sonali Tomar