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Bonobos sneaky solid sale section, More Automatic Watches, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some sustentation heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the largest sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Bonobos: Their Sale Section is quietly good right now

Bonobos menswear

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Bonobos has been pretty quiet lately. They’ve had a “due to upper volume, wordage times may be longer than normal” imprint at the top of their site for weeks. Kinda odd stuff that they’re backed by the Wal Mart machine, but 2022 is, once again, abnormal. Moreover unwont is the current selection of in-season warm weather goods kicking virtually in their sale section. Fingers crossed for an uneaten 20% – 30% off sale items lawmaking in the not terribly afar future, but who knows what’s going on at Bonobos HQ right now. Seems like an odd time for them.

Christopher Ward: Up to 40% off Sale Event

Christopher Ward watches

They’ve widow new models?? They’ve widow new models. Usually when C. Ward does these sale events they slap the goods on their website and then… that be that. Not this time, with those new Aquitaine models getting dropped in on the sly. These watches are new or “nearly new” (returns? unshut box? floor models?). Still covered by their 60 month movement guarantee though. Do know that US customers who make a purchase over $800 are on the vaccinate for import duties/fees.

Ledbury: Their new Made-to-Order Program is live

Ledbury made to order shirts

No $12.95 sleeve shortening charges. A new extra-slim fit to go with their archetype and tailored fits. You get to pick the collar, which ways mid-spreads are back. That’s a big, big deal for some of us. Ledbury’s overall collar construction their mid-spread collar their slightly lowered 2nd sawed-off = looks perfect when not wearing a tie. And they’ve moreover introduced a subconscious sawed-off lanugo option. Yes, prices are on the upper end for this particular corner-of-the-web, but Ledbury shirts aren’t just nice, they’re niiiice. Worth the splurge for many of us. Especially now the MTO program ways mid-spreads are when and the sleeve shortening charges are gone. Shirts take a couple weeks to make, and shipping isn’t free. They’re not a big company, so expect $15 for shipping at checkout. Return policy stays the same on MTO. It’s an "any reason" 60-day guarantee. Applies to ready-to-wear and Made-to-Order shirts.

Macy’s: Select Black Friday in July Watch Specials

Seiko watches

Heck of a week in the reasonably-affordable wristwatch space. Between the Woot sale, the once mentioned Christopher Ward semi-annual event, and now this… it was a good few days if you were in the market for a new watch. These Seikos have gone for less on Macy’s (an authorized dealer so you get the factory warranty) in the past. But $200 for the new dive-style 5 Sports Automatics are really a solid price. They seem to hover between $200 – $225 depending on the code/promo Macy’s is running.

Amazon: Prime Day starts TUESDAY

Man in Amazon box

Prime day has been a thwarting on the style-front the last few years. It’s just a category that Amazon continues to struggle with (probably considering they don’t superintendency well-nigh gown and/or style-forward brands prefer to sell uncontrived to consumer.) BUT. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on some nuts from Uncle Jeff’s Internet Emporium, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days. So cooling your jets on that protein powder, underwear, or, uh, chicken harness, could save you quite a few bucks in the end. We’ll have picks come Tuesday, and we’ll try to stick to what style related stuff is available. Unless the Chicken Harness comes when as a daily deal. And then we’re all in.

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