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In Review (& Steal Alert): Roka Halsey Performance Sunglasses

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Roka Halsey Sunglasses $105 $155 ($155 $205)

If youre looking for a pair (or two) of sunglasses with which you can run/hike/bike in, but moreover later on that day you can wear them with a suit and throne out for early evening cocktails

Rarely on sale, Rokas are sport/lifestyle hybrids. Designed to perform and stay on your face, but moreover squint good when youre not sweating up a storm. Think of them as really really really nice Sunskis. Specifically the models with the (very) subtle nose and temple gripping pads that help alimony them on your face, and off the ground, trail, or outdoor bar-top.

The matte root beer frame shade. Timeless shape. Thumbs up.

At 26 grams theyre noticeably light. They are (incoming power word, not hyperbolic) supremely comfortable. Youll forget youre wearing them. Specific real-world geometry ways no jabbing into the sides of your head, or grinding lanugo the underpass of your nose. And the soft, traction shit on the nose and ear pieces are some of if not the weightier in the business. They undeniability that grippy material Gecko, and they plane patented it. They designed it specifically to support multi-directional traction with comfort, and its moreover designed to not grab onto your hair.

Specs for these specs.
Size should fit most faces pretty well.

Ive been lucky unbearable to own everything from the cheapest of the unseemly shades, to the archetype American Optical Pilots, to the spendiest Persols. And lots in-between.

Two pairs of wayfarer inspired Roka Halseys are now all I wear. I cant go back. Theyre too comfortable. Like Lululemons ABC pants, but for your face.

Subtle, comfortable, soft, grip. Same material on the ends of the ear pieces.

In regards to the style: They lean closer to Ray-Bans New Wayfarer in shape. Not blocky like the traditional wayfarer.I think this sale is set to end today? Theres increasingly styles than just the Halsey. But the Halsey are pretty timeless, and the least expensive of the bunch.

Thats all.


And its alright.
But you know we cant go back (to other sunglasses)