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In Review: J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

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Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede – $128.09 FINAL w/ SHOPNOW ($228)


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Heads up: J. Crew recently moved these into their final sale section and are running an uneaten 30% off lawmaking SHOPNOW through this Thursday, 6/16. But final sale ways final. No returns. Sizing translating = go with your true-to-size Brannock measurement. Increasingly details in the Sizing/Fit/Comfort section below…

About the Author: Adam Terry is a 30-year-old Technical Trainer in the heating and manufacturing industry. He’s #menswear by day and #workwear by night. He enjoys raw selvedge denim, Scotch whisky, and working on maintaining his dad bod.

As the youth of 2022 like to say, J.Crew is a vibe this time of year. The Spring/Summer 2022 hodgepodge is in full swing and there’s an wool truckload of fantastically bright, colorful items on sale. While it’s true that many of us are trying to scale when our spending right now, thanks in part to record levels of inflation and a heap of uncertainty in the market, the world doesn’t stop spinning and the seasons are still changing. Here in the South, we’re once seeing daily temps in the low to mid ‘90s. I don’t know well-nigh you, but that’s a hot weather recipe that’s calling for a well-done polo shirt, wipe chino shorts, and a tomfool pair of sneakers or loafers. Today we’re looking at J.Crew’s Camden crepe-sole slip-on mocs. Are they worth the splash of mazuma and space in your closet? You might want to start stocking up on ramen or mac and cheese…

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Summertime. And the livin’ is… wrapped in soft suede and placed on a squishy crepe sole.

The Adam Review Scale of Excellence (A.R.S.E.)

  • 5 – Excellent! No issues and highly recommended.
  • 4 – Good. Above average, but not perfect.
  • 3 – Average. Minor issues, might be good at the right price.
  • 2 – Fair. Below stereotype due to defects, flaws, or imperfections.
  • 1 – Poor. Significant issues, not worth purchasing at any price.


  • Brand: J.Crew
  • Style: Beefroll Zany Moc
  • Size: 10.5 US (44 EU)
  • Last: N/A
  • Construction: 
  • Upper: English calf suede from C.F. Stead
  • Sole: Crepe rubber
  • Details: Rawhide leather laces
  • Extras: Plastic mini shoe horn
  • Country of Origin: El Salvador
  • Price: $228

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Part house slipper, part beefroll moc, and ready for whatever prep you can throw at them.


My pair of Camden mocs was ordered via on a Friday afternoon. They shipped out on the pursuit Monday via UPS SurePost and were delivered on Wednesday afternoon. I recently complained well-nigh a shipping wait with a previous J.Crew order that took over a week to plane get scanned out, so a one business-day turnaround is a huge improvement. Nice!

FYI: J.Crew’s standard 30-day return policy applies here, so you’ll have a full month to think well-nigh your purchase surpassing deciding on a return. They no longer offer exchanges. As always, shoes need to be unworn to be returned successfully. Note – J.Crew will deduct a $7.50 fee if you decide to use their return label. This can be avoided if you return to a retail store near you.

Score: 4/5 Stars – Easy ordering, fast shipping, but docking points for non-free returns.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

UNBOXING ALERT: J. Crew included a shoe horn!


This pair arrived in J.Crew’s standard brown wafer-thin box. Each shoe was wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed with the same to help alimony the unstructured toe box from collapsing during shipping. Funnily enough, the crepe rubber soles are slightly tacky to the touch, so the tissue paper packing kept sticking to it. I had to pick and pluck pieces of it off the soles, but that’s a minor gripe. These don’t really need spare laces or anything, either, but I was surprised to find a mini plastic shoe horn screen printed with the J.Crew logo. This was a nice, simple touch.

Score: 5/5 Stars – The unboxing wits was OK and what I expected for the product.

First Impressions

Fresh out of the box, I’m intrigued by the overall aesthetic. It’s like you composite a house slipper with a slightly dressier beefroll moc but in suede. It has elements of both and, yet, seems to serve a higher purpose in style scenarios. In the Summertime, I envision wearing these with a fun short-sleeve button-down or zany collar shirt, unappetizing front chino shorts, and some aviator-style sunglasses a la Top Gun. If you’re less inclined to the preppy style, go for an outdoorsy vibe with a merino wool henley tee, Patagonia Baggies shorts, and Knockaround sunglasses. Whatever your vibe is, I think these slip-on mocs have a place in your rotation.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

A rich, finely napped calf suede that is treated to handle rough wear.

The overall diamond stimulating sets these slip-ons untied from your increasingly worldwide unstudied sneakers or sandals (I’m looking at you, Birkenstocks!). The uppers are cut from C.F. Stead’s fantastic English suede – this looks to be their Repello suede, which is a finely napped calf suede that’s coated with 3M’s Scotchgard during the tanning process for superb stain resistance and waterproofing. Don’t be wrung to wear these nonflexible as a lot of us menswear nerds think suede looks largest with lots of wear and tear. It’s not nearly as soft-hued as you probably think it is.

The upper stitching is wipe throughout with contrasting white stitching withal the vamp. The oddly shaped and pinked layer withal the sides is stitched with tonal brown stitching and is something that I’m not a huge fan of personally. I wish J.Crew’s designers would have pinked the strip where the eyelets are and forgotten well-nigh this uneaten detail layer. To me, this weird line of demarcation is distracting and I don’t like how it’s tied into the toe stitching at the front. The stitching here is moreover a bit wavy and out of line, but it’s nonflexible to notice. Style is subjective without all, so I can’t dock points here as some of y’all may love these little details.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Clean stitching, but for Adam the pinked side whet is a little much for him.

The nickel metal eyelets are threaded with brown rawhide laces for a slightly rugged appearance. These are functional, too, so you can use them to tighten or loosen up the fit a touch. You can moreover switch the laces out for something increasingly striking if that pleases you. Finally, you’ll notice the real 360° leather storm welt virtually the bottom. Real is a stretch; it’s real leather, but I seem this is a faux welt that’s simply glued onto the leather midsole. This is a well-constructed guess, though, since I’m not in the merchantry of tearing shoes untied for science.

The interior is fully lined in a wonderful layer of cowhide that stretches from heel to toe. The heel cup is reversed with the grain side out for a bit of heel control, which may help reduce or eliminate heel slip. The insole/sockliner is a multi-layer sandwich: starting from the top down, we have a thin layer of that cowhide lining with perforations at the instep. That layer is glued lanugo to a slim to medium thick layer of red unshut lamina foam for some initial comfort. Those layers are glued lanugo to what looks to be a fiberboard or polymer tuck. This rigid layer is what the shoe is crafted virtually as it helps provide shape and support. Finally, all of that seems to be stitched to a leather midsole that’s hiding underneath. A remoter viewing may be needed should anyone wish to cut these in half and make a YouTube video out of it.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Leather sock lining, reversed heel cup, and unshut lamina insole get the repletion going.

This outsole is something else! I’m not sure that I’ve seen a lot of natural crepe rubber wedge soles, expressly not on wend or zany moccasins like these. It feels decently thick and looks to be genuine, natural crepe rubber and not some knockoff plasticized outsole that you’d see elsewhere online. Overall repletion seems pretty good and you’ll certainly fathom the easier than stereotype safecracking process as compared to leather or nonflexible rubber outsoles. The outsoles seem to be bonded (glued) to the leather midsoles and show no signs of poor quality control. However, note that these suede stallions only have a few minutes of wear to date, so that glued construction could be put to the test given unbearable miles of wear. Speaking of glue, repairs may be a bit increasingly difficult if your local cobbler doesn’t stock crepe soles, but it can be done!

Score: 5/5 Stars – Surprisingly nice! Lovely suede, cushy insole, and squishy outsole.


In terms of fit and sizing, I recommend trying your true-to-size Brannock measurement. I tried this pair in a 10.5 and they fit exactly how I’d want them to. There’s just a touch of uneaten space all virtually when going sockless, which feels rather nice and freeing. That’s not to say they’re too loose or there’s heel slip – there’s not, they fit really well right out of the box. If you segregate to wear socks with them, you’ll be pleased as long as the socks aren’t super thick.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Thick crepe soles create some of the instant repletion of these mocs.

For size reference, I am a 10.5 D/E on a Brannock device and usually take a 10 D in most roomy dress shoes, including Alden’s Barrie last and Grant Stone’s Leo last. I take a 10.5 E in Allen Edmonds 65 last, as that last runs too narrow for me. I moreover take a 10.5 in Converse/Vans and an 11 in most sturdy sneakers from Adidas or Nike. Have a size question? Email us!

Comfort is unchangingly subjective, but I think the soft leather lining and uneaten cushioned insole/sockliner finger just as good as the uber soft “gold glove” deerskin lining in my Maine Mountain Moccasins that I like to wear virtually the house. The crepe rubber outsole gives a healthy layer of squish and comforting rebound, too. I dig these a lot increasingly than I imagined!

Score: 5/5 Stars – Sizing is spot on, these fit really well, and they’re super comfortable!

Final Thoughts

I’m honestly shocked how much I unquestionably like these slip-on mocs. Without seeing them online, I initially thought they looked like something right out of a Visvim itemize – something you’d see stuff worn by eccentric superstars like John Mayer, Kanye West, or A$AP Rocky. Once you get them in hand, though, you realize that they have a really unique stimulating that sets them untied from most other mocs and unstudied loafers. If you’re the down-to-Earth type who loves the outdoors, likes visiting new places virtually town, or just enjoys slightly odd shoes, you may love them. Whether you love or hate the squint of these Camden mocs, I promise you they’re comfy!

Avg. Score: 4.75/5 – Highly recommended! Unique, comfortable, and (IMO) stylish.

J.Crew Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede

Adam (and dad) tried for a day of play.