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Most Wanted Affordable Style – June 2022

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Whether you’re looking for souvenir ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come virtually well-nigh once a month. You’ll find new arrivals and old favorites, expressly good deals, or maybe something pricey to alimony an eye on for future sales. The potential weightier of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in to


Nike: Nike SB Force 58 Skate Shoes – $75

Nike SB Force 58 Skate Shoes

Roller Skates

Strauss Adjustable Roller Skates Suitable for All Age Group (Multicolor)

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HIGH-QUALITY ULTRA DURABLE ROLLER SKATES - These quad roller skates are man-made using a Mild steel material and zinc plated/Powder Coated that creates a breathable, yet durable skate with a Powerful steel Plate.

The Nike Killshot’s skate-park shredding brother. Could be good for those laid when warm weather days. That said, aren’t skate shoes a little less on the cushioned side, to provide increasingly feel? Not sure how they’d be for long term standing/walking/etc.


Tie Bar Short Sleeve Button Downs – $45

Tie Bar Short Sleeve Button Downs

Somewhere between the expense of a Bonobos Riviera, and the mega-affordability of Target’s Goodfellow, sits these. Big fan of that light undecorous floral.


Orient Bambino 38.4 mm – ?????

Orient Bambino Watch

Orient’s line of Bambino men’s watches are total classics. Yet at 41mm in diameter they’re not as “classically sized” (read: small) as some would prefer. Enter the new 38mm collection. Well, it’s kind of inward the picture. Considering it doesn’t towards they’ve entered the US market quiet yet. And who knows when/if they will. Monochrome has them listed at 275 Euros. Which works out to $290. That seems steep compared to the $110 – $190 asking price of the 41mm Bambinos, so we’ll see where the price ends up.


Grant Stone Horween CXL #8 Edward Marching – $370

Grant Stone Horween CXL #8 Edward Boot

Leave it to Grant Stone to debut a perfectly simple, service-style boot, in Horween’s famous visionless burgundy Chromexcel #8… just a few days into June. Can it be fall yet? What do you midpoint it’s not plane summer yet? Flippin’ solstice. Whatever.


Suitsupply Light Gray 60% Linen, 40% Cotton Sportcoat – $449

Suitsupply Light Gray 60% Linen, 40% Cotton Sportcoat

One of those jackets you’ll reach for time and time then over the warmer months. Italian Linen/Cotton blend. Just quarter lined in the back. Cut in their trim but not excruciatingly tight Havana fit. Gray is increasingly dashing than khaki, and nowhere near the dandy levels of a pure white jacket. Wear it with white trousers as shown above, or go for a warm weather northern lights squint and wear it with medium to darker (but not visionless charcoal) trousers and a dress shirt or polo.


BONUS  Spier & Mackay Polarized Sunglasses – $55

Spier & Mackay Polarized Sunglasses

Just in. Brand new. And they squint like they have major potential for the wide-open mid-priced ($40 – $70) sunglasses arena. The problem is the return policy. It’s a $15 pre-paid label. Which is understandable considering they’re not some corporate behemoth, and shipping financing have skyrocketed. But a $15 disincentive on a $55 pair of sunglasses is way high. Too upper for those of us who finger like you just have got to get in person with sunglasses surpassing you fully commit. Gotta requite them this though… they requite the dimensions. No ballpark “one size fits most” stuff or lamister the metrics. Acetate frames are 56 x 18 x 145 mm (lens/bridge/temple length), while the clubmaster style options are 52 x 20 x 145 mm.


BONUS II  Christopher Ward C65 Aquitaine GMT in Woebegone – $1400 w/ 125LOUPE25 ($1525)

Christopher Ward C65 Aquitaine GMT

Ah c’mon now. “The Landlady said: ‘You got the rent money yet?’ …I said NO.”

Christopher Ward’s newest Aquitaine line (finally) gets a woebegone colorway AND they widow some very vintage-y looking “old radium” lume. Spendy as all get out, yet oddly reasonable when compared to the big luxury watch brands. British in design, made in Switzerland.

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