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Most Wanted Affordable Style – March 2022

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Whether youre looking for souvenir ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come virtually well-nigh once a month. Youll find new arrivals and old favorites, expressly good deals, or maybe something pricey to alimony an eye on for future sales. The potential weightier of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in to


Bespoke Post: Illuminate – $49

Bespoke Post: Illuminate

Starting this month with a pretty nifty Dappered-Space item. No nonflexible wiring needed. You just stick it to the wall. Yes, that ways you’ll have to tuition it periodically. But geeze do they squint good. And the option to take it off the wall and use it as a flashlight (instead of your phone in the middle of the night/early AM for getting ready for a workout while the rest of the house is asleep) is a terrific little option.


Dents Delta Driving Gloves – $79 ($117)

Dents Delta Driving Gloves

We’re not out of gloves season yet for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, yet something insulated can get hot in a hurry. So what to do when the March weather is stuff unpredictable, oddly chilly, and pumps out a wintry wind? Driving gloves. Yes they might squint a little “I read (or write) style blogs and it’s 2014…” but driving gloves really are perfect this time of year. They alimony the wind off your hands, and unlike those thick insulated gloves we all wore over the winter, driving gloves are specifically built for dexterity. Todd Snyder has some from Dents on sale. Four colors to pick from. The “just undeniability it green” olive shade is shown above. A little weird, color-wise, but if your outfits are normally grays and blues and browns and blacks, you’ll be just fine with an odd-ball verisimilitude like untried for an accessory.


Spier & Mackay Mid-Gray Wool Suit – $368

Spier & Mackay Mid-Gray Wool Suit

Just in to Spier with a good size selection at post time. Once you get a soot and navy tailored and ready to go, there’s no largest next suit than mid-gray. It’s so darn versatile. Head here for our recent-ish series on 3 ways to wear something just like the above. The asking price is vastitude reasonable. Super 110s wool. Half canvas. Lightly padded shoulders. And two timeless cuts: Slim, and a increasingly sturdy leaning Contemporary. The shirt and tie they styled with it is a little old-school-banker. It’s cool, it’s just… a little old-school banker. Picture it with a well-done white dress shirt & no tie, Danny ocean style. Or increasingly modern with a woebegone polo. Again, versatile.


Timex Q Diver 38mm on Synthetic Rubber Strap – $169

Timex Q Diver 38mm on Synthetic Rubber Strap

For those that love the squint of the Timex Q Reissue diver, but hate the mesh metal wreath it comes on. It can be uncomfortable for guys with a good value of hair on their wrists, pulling and grabbing at their hirsute-ness.


Nordstrom Pryor Penny Loafer – $99.95

Nordstrom Pryor Penny Loafer

There is something ultra-confident well-nigh sleek, simple loafers. The person wearing them doesn’t need to wear shoes with laces. He could. But he doesn’t have t. Not today he doesn’t. Laces??! We don’t need no STINKING laces! Yet a smooth leather loafer with a bit (Gucci style) can risk looking cheesy. Not always. Sometimes. The unscratched play is sleek, suede, simple loafers. Nordstrom to the rescue with an option for just under a hundred bucks. Ships and returns for free. Wear the heck out of them this spring and summer as the world (hopefully) opens when up. Would squint unconfined with an unconstructed sportcoat, well-done white shirt, and stake gray chinos. Or with a trim fitting polo (sweater polo or regular), those same chinos, and a classic, simple dress watch.


BONUS Banana Republic Brendt Suede Chukka Boot $180 ($108 when 40% off)

Banana Republic Brendt Suede Chukka Boot

One increasingly pair of suede shoes. Or in this case, boots. Chukkas specifically. BRs shoes are usually a pretty good value when they go on sale, and these were just up for the F&F 40% off. Full review in the works. Standby for that. Also misogynist in a darker “vintage tan” suede upper. Could be a nice volitional to Clarks, or a cheaper volitional to the Italian made MacAlister from J. Crew. But again, as long as they go on sale. Fingers crossed BR keeps it up in terms of codes and promos moving forward.

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