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Saddleback Leather 25% off, Nordy Rack New Arrivals, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some sustentation heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the largest sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Saddleback Leather: 25% off sitewide

Saddleback bag

No idea when it ends. Word from them on their instagram is that they’re moving warehouses, seriously downsizing, and trying to make room. Is that true? Dunno. They did run a 25% off sale last year and they… said the same thing. That they were moving warehouses. Maybe they move warehouses… uh… annually. This feels like an entirely separate conversation. Anyway, sale may end this morning. May end this weekend. No idea. But 25% off at Saddleback is something if you’re a fan of them and their goods. Big thanks to Grant M. for the tip!

Nordstrom Rack: New arrivals are rolling in

Nordstrom Rack menswear

Looks like the latest batch of goods from Nordstrom Proper is landing at Nordstrom Rack? A reminder that unlike Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack purchases don’t ship for self-ruling until you hit a threshold of $89. And then they only return for self-ruling if you can hoof it over to a physical Nordstrom Rack location. Sending something when through the mail will forfeit you a pre-paid label.

J. Crew: 30% off select full extra 50% off final sale w/ CHECKOUT (exp. 8/18)

They extended it one increasingly day. Why this surprises me without a decade of covering/following this stuff, I don’t know, but it still catches me off guard. Full picks here if you’d like them. Kinda fun if you’re a “Mr. Fall” type excited for the season ahead. Sneaky winner is probably the Super 120s navy wool, patch pocket (on the lower half) ludlow “suit jacket” that sure looks like you could use as your standard/foundation blazer. But it’s final sale. $148.99 for it though.

Rancourt: Holiday Wholesale Pre-Order Sale (ships 12/9)

 Rancourt shoes

Yes. 12/9. As in December 9th. Considering the only thingamabob worth a damn is time. And it’s your time that is saving you boatloads of money on some made in Maine shoes, if you so choose. Seems absurd, but if you know Rancourt and their fans, then you won’t be surprised if/when a tuft of these models sell out. Limited quantities for each. Crazy times right now, this pre-ordering shoes surpassing labor day for wordage pre-Christmas. Santa is still in his Bermuda shorts on holiday in Reykjavík.

Target: 30% off Clothing & more from Goodfellow, All in Motion, etc. w/ Target Circle login

Target Menswear

Gotta click/”save” the offer once you’re logged into your Target Circle account, but it’s still running. Expires Saturday. And if you eclipse the $50 threshold, make sure to stack the $10 off $50 concurrent offer. Increasingly info and full original picks can be found here.

BONUS Bonobos: Late Summer / Early Fall New Arrivals are rolling in

Bonobos menswear

No sale or promo lawmaking considering Bonobos continues (to try) to flex its pricing power. A lot of us (most of us) steer well-spoken from Bonobos at full price, unless it’s something like one of their unconstructed blazers. But boy does their diamond team seem to get a lot right. Of course, style is subjective. But yeah. Compared to a lot of the noise and weirdness out there, Bonobos appears to be walking the line well. They’re modern and bold, but don’t skid over into the “WTF is this weirdness” territory. Mostly. Maybe not for the traditionalists. But they can get some attention. Without getting too much attention.

Also worth a mention: