Steal Alert: Casio Divers down to $40 at Amazon

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Amazon Sold & Shipped Casio MDV-106 Swoop Watches – $40 ($69.95 – $79.95)

Well that’s undeniably something.

Just in time for summer to really heat up, the somewhat legendary Casio MDV-106 swoop watch has dropped in price on Amazon to what was basically an stereotype trip to the ATM circa 2009.

Gather round young dudes. Let grumpy grandpa Joe tell you well-nigh something called… “cash.”


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The original woebegone bezel on an aftermarket Crown & Buckle Supreme NATO strap

Black. Or Woebegone and Blue. Or Blue and Red. All three of those options have had their prices dropped from the usual $50 – $70 price point, well-spoken lanugo to forty bucks. And (at post time) all three are stuff sold and fulfilled by Wren too. No goofy fly-by-night sellers here.

It’s a unconfined watch. 200m water resistance, surprisingly well built, doesn’t finger flimsy or cheap. Full review here.

Stock strap is rubber, but it’s really not bad. Switching that out for a 22mm aftermarket NATO is (obviously from the pictures in this post) recommended though.

That’s all.

Carry on.

Shown whilom on a $20, Red/Black/Olive “Bond” color-scheme from Moose Strap Co.