Steal Alert: The Invicta Automatic Pro Diver Watch is on sale for $65

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Amazon: Invicta Pro Will-less 89260B $64.99 ($83.45)

The Invicta Pro Will-less Diver is a staple in the affordable men’s style world. With 200m of water resistance, a Japanese will-less movement, and archetype good looks (let’s just undeniability it a very strong “homage”), it punches well whilom its historical price of somewhere under $100.

Yet in the last few months, the Pro Diver’s price (along with many other consumer goods, duh) has crept up. It plane reached over $100 for awhile there.

I should know. Did a major refresh/update of the Dappered Essentials shop a week or so ago, and I was surprised when I had to update the price to $110.

Now lanugo to $65 and fast shipping/free returns with Prime, it’s tagged as a “limited time deal”.

Who knows when the sale ends.

Secret Agent looks on a cubical workers budget. Nice stainless steel wreath and case. 40mm specimen dial hits the sweet spot for most. Looks terrific on a NATO strap, and plane does well on a leather strap (even though many would say a swoop watch on a leather strap = horological blasphemy). And a lot of guys who like fancy/expensive watches alimony one of these virtually for those days when they’re getting dirty, or traveling, or just need a watch they’re not wrung to write-up the crap out of.

High end Swiss watch makers should subsidize Invictas production of this particular watch. This son-of-a-gun is a gateway drug if there overly was one.

That’s all.

Carry on.