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Style Scenario: The First Day it Feels like Spring – Smart Casual

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes its good to squint at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. Thats what these are for. If you havent gotten your first taste of spring yet, itll be coming soon. First we went casual, now were going smart casual. Working in some tailoring, but if the jacket comes off youll still squint sharp, put together, and new-season-appropriate.


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The Blazer: Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer $400The legend. Barely-there construction. Totally unlined when and unpadded shoulders. Crisp, cool, Italian hopsack wool. The increasingly affordable alternative: Try this jetsetter knit jacket in houndstooth for $150. Final sale though.

The Watch: Orient Mens 2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2 $126.50. Still one of the weightier zinger for the whippersnapper items in the mens watch world, if not mens style as a whole. Has a retro feel, just like the polo.

The Polo: Tie Bar Tipped Cotton Sweater Polo $45. Mercerized cotton for a smooth finger and look. Old-school tipping at the collar, placket, chest pocket, and sleeves.

The Pants: J. Crew Catskill Green Stretch Chinos in 484 slim or 770 Straight $89.50. Earth tones! Theyre big this year. Lots of olives, browns, greens, etc. Doing the northern lights thing here with pants and a blazer, only in a slightly increasingly relaxed version with the unconstructed blazer up top, and the washed chinos lanugo below. Navy polo balances it all out. You could moreover go with a white dress shirt here, if you want to go all earth tones/let those colors siphon the day.

The Sunglasses: Warby Parker Fletcher in Antique Shale Fade $95. Contemporary while still keeping it relatively quiet. Blueish gray uppers blending into the warmer-brownish tones of the lower half of the frame.

The Belt: Banana Republic Reversible Leather Dress Whup $65. Nothing too complicated here. A vital brown leather whup thats reversible with woebegone on the other side. A dress belt, but not so slick and dressy it cant be worn with chinos.

The Socks: Made in the USA Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks $21.95. NOT big, thick, squishy camp/cabin socks. But not paper thin dress socks either. Just right. Comfortable. One way to mitigate/compensate for unseemly shoes is to wear really good socks. Darn Tough makes really good socks.

The Shoes: DSW Crown Vintage Chelsea Boots in Taupe Suede $59.99Could be unseemly winners? The texture and verisimilitude leans towards warmer weather, but many of us are still wearing boots now and again. These are a foot (or feet) in both camps. UPDATE: word from reader Sam M. is that these have little to no traction. Real slick. Which is weird considering the soles squint specifically like they tried to put some traction on there. But if the material is slick? It wont help. Thanks then to Sam M.

(Top Photo Credit: Wei Fukuyama)