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The Dappered Space: From Style Scenario to Styled Room

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The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys wield the sense of personal style they’ve ripened to the space they inhabit. Watch for wares on furniture and decor sales & picks, translating on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but unchangingly alimony in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, unbelieve stores, and plane yard sales.

The rule well-nigh white pants does not wield to light rugs. So it’s totally towardly to sport lighter floor dressings year round. But how do you incorporate a lighter rug into a increasingly masculine look? We’re going to use this Style Scenario to do just that.

Lighter colors can be composite with wood, metal, and patterns associated with menswear to create an inviting space with a masculine vibe. We’re going to use this guidance to style a bedroom.

The Bed: JOM Queen Bed Frame with Headboard – $179.82. Seems like the word used most in reviews well-nigh this frame on Amazon is “sturdy”, followed by “easy to put together.” Nice looks, and it sounds like good quality, for a reasonable cost.

The Nightstands: JAXSUNNY Set of 2 Rustic Nightstands – $89.99. Another Amazon sourced product with upper reviews, and you can’t really write-up that price for TWO tables.

The Duvet: Company Cotton Window Pane Plaid Percale Queen Duvet Cover – $123 ($154). The Company Store sheets truly is a step up in quality, so this duvet should serve you well for a while. And just a reminder well-nigh duvets, they’re a unconfined year round option, since you can stuff an spare comforter inside it for widow warmth when it gets cold. If you want matching shams for pillows, standard cases are running $23 right now.

The Throw Pillows: World Market Velvet Throw Pillow – $10.49 ($14.99). The bedroom is all well-nigh getting comfy, and velvet is a very inviting textile for comfort. The navy option is pictured above, just to alimony in line with the colors shown in the original Style Scenario, but World Market offers these pillows in 23 variegated colors. In this particular styled room you could go with any of the blues, greys, or greens offered.

The Lamp: Kawoti Ceramic Table Lamp – $49. Bit of a taller lamp for a bedside, but I kind of prefer taller table lamps bedside. It lifts the light itself up, largest for reading. Plus it adds a little decorative height on the side of the bed, rather than having a squat, small lamp.

The Rug: Thomasville Marketplace 6′ x 9′ Luxury Shag Rug – $179.99 ($229.99). A cozy rug for under your feet, expressly if you have non-carpeted flooring in your bedroom. Sold through Costco, so you’ll have to be a member or know a member to get it.

The Wall Shelf: Round Walnut Wood 3 Tier Wall Shelf – $69.99 ($99.99). A unique shelf that will add an eye-catching exhibit to a wall. Add some of your favorite small books, leather goods, an air plant or two, and you’ll have a handsome collection.

The Mirror: Porter Leaning Full Length Mirror – $90.99 ($129.99). Most of us get dressed in our bedrooms, and it’s not a bad idea to have a full length mirror in your room or nearby, so you can trammels yourself surpassing you throne out the door.

About the Author: Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working overdue the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from overdue the curtain to offer her two cents.