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Colors matter. You can learn to mix and match colors. It is a skill. A modern man should think of creating an image that is captivating and matches the situation. One of the key components of developing your personal style is by choosing the right colors. Only expensive clothing cannot give you the desired effect, you would need the correct colors. An unsuccessful combination of colors can create a bad image. The mixing and matching of colors is a skill.

The Foundations of Color Matching

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The first basic thing here is that you should define the main and basic color of your look which would be the foundation of your look. The base color is given to a suit, shirt, or jacket. Then, you can build on the rest of the colors from that. For beginners, you can choose neutral colors like black, white, brown, grey, or navy. These neutral colors are like primary colors. This is because they can be combined further with other colors. The medium grey color can be used as it can make other colors within the same array in tune with each other.

Also, you should not forget about the three colors rule. So, it means that if you have more than 3 colors in an outfit, then you can’t create harmony.

Defining Accents

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A man’s wardrobe doesn’t have many items that can create an accent. But it’s the accentuation of color that can give a unique look. By giving priority to accessories or accents, you can neutralize the boredom of shades. This makes the outfit lively.

To give a defining accent, you can use a scarf, tie, or pocket square. The accents should be complementing other things of the attire rather than clashing.


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You should use colors that complement your natural complexion. The main thing behind dressing up is to put emphasis on facial features. And also, to make it more expressive. By nature, men often do not think about how a given color of clothing suits their complexion.

In this case, men should learn from women. This is because women try out an outfit in front of the mirror before buying. So, men should do the same.

To understand which color scheme is best for you and your complexion, you should know the degree of contrast. The degree of contrast is the difference between your eyebrows, hair, and skin color. There are 3 main kinds of contrast: high-contrast, medium-contrast, and low-contrast.

The high-contrast types are those who have black hair and white skin. For this, men can choose a black tie with white stripes. Low-contrast types are those who have blonde hair and fair skin. Here, the use of minimally contrasting combinations is best suited. Medium contrast typse are those who have eyes, hair and skin blending together. This is the type that has many advantages as there are a lot of color options that can be chosen.

Eye color is also an important thing to keep in mind when choosing your wardrobe.

The most important thing to remember when creating an attire is the result or the outcome. There should be a holistic image that shows your unique qualities, gives you elegance and makes you attractive. You should look stronger and more confident.

By mixing and matching colors, textures, and fabrics, you can add diversity to men’s clothing that sometimes looks bland. Many variations are there for business attire. But to look smart, it becomes important to combine colors and fabrics in the right way.

In today’s times, modern men are thinking beyond conservative notions about fashion and style. The ability to dress fashionably is important for making the best impression. It is indeed important to be your confident self. And color plays an important role in transmitting that image.

While some men can make out what colors look good on them and the compatibility of colors. But most men cannot do so. But one can learn this skill.

Khaki Olive and Beige

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These colors look perfect together. You can add a white tone to the attire. You can also go for brown.


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Red looks good with blue. Red looks great with black. Red and yellow also look good but there should not be excessive brightness. Red and white look good.


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Violet and charcoal grey look great together. Purple looks stylish. You can combine it with white, dark green, or dark grey.


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Baby blues look good in warmer weather. Blue and brown always look good together. Blue looks great with white, beige, and brown. You can also pair it with pink or burgundy to give a nice look.


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Bordeaux and white are a great color combo. A Bordeaux sweater looks elegant. Bordeaux is a stylish hue. It looks good with white, grey, black, and brown.


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Beige looks good on men with medium complexion. It is a neutral shade. It looks good with white, blue, and light red. The more yellow the beige is, it becomes harder to combine it with something else.


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Black can be worn monochrome. It looks good with a high contrast complexions. Black and white look classic. Black is a versatile color. It can be combined with light options like white, pink, and blue.


How to Mix & Match Clothing Colors for Men (A Master Class in Styling)

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White and blue is a very good pairing. It is a neutral shade. It can be combined with almost any color. But you need to look at the nuances. White looks good with cold shades like blue, light blue, and black. It can be combined with beige too.


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A grey three-piece suit can win everyone’s heart. Grey and black look nice when combined. Light grey looks good with pink, blue, and white. Dark grey looks good with black, burgundy, and blue.


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Brown is a very good winter color. Brown and white look good together. Light brown look great with cream, blue, and white. Dark brown looks great with blue, black, and dark green.

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