How I Style My Mid Length Hair

This is how I style my mid length hair now that its slightly shorter than usual it sits just below the shoulder. Obviously I use the word style in its very loosest sense because Im about as wieldy with heated appliances as an elephant would be with a crochet hook, but Ive just about mastered the art of putting some waves in without burning huge welts in my head and so I thought Id share.

(Its incredibly similar in vibe and technique to this post here if youd like to see my version from a few years ago.)

I use the Cloud Nine curling wand (its here online*). I like it because it doesnt have one of those clamps on it, the long section of the tong that can be opened and closed. I hate those because a) they are too taxing on my very basic coordination skills and b) they look (to me) a little bit like the speculum they use when you have a smear test.

So yes, its just one long heated round-ended bit of metal, really, and you wind each section of hair around it and hold on until your fingers start to smoulder through the heatproof gloves**.

(**this is not official advice. Youre supposed to hold the hair around for a limited amount of time so that you dont a) damage your hair and b) singe off all of your fingertips, but I have no idea what that amount of time is. I suppose you just have to experiment)

Theres an art to the hair-winding. You section off small pieces of hair and then wind all of them away from your face, or maybe its supposed to be towards your face but it should be clear to you by now that I have no idea what I am doing and that I just wing it. Sometimes the hair turns out OK, other times I look slightly deranged for a day or two until the curls drop out. Its a risky business.

The best part of the whole process is the day after. Delayed gratification. On my bleached, roughened hair, the slept-in curls suddenly go huge and voluminous and I get a lovely, sexy texture that has body and shape but no real discernible curl. So on day 1 I have the full curl, which is fun, on day 2 I have the sexy texture and then it stays sexily textured for around two or three more days, throughout which I add more dry shampoo than youd think would be possible.

On day five I usually cant resist the urge to wash it. It starts to feel like old felt. I then give it a day off and start the whole process again. I just think that the curl/wave/texture thing works really well on this length hair. Shorter would actually be even better, but I cant bear not being able to tie it up so its not an option for me anymore. Ive learned the hard way with that!

So thats my current mid length hair style. The long fringe bit is annoying cant wait for that to grow out! but its relatively easy to tong that bit separately and just ease it into some kind of gentle face-framer or (on energetic days) power quiff.

This wasnt even supposed to be a written post, I was just going to bung the video up, so please do watch that for a more sensible explanation of how I currently style my hair!


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Wearing: red Adidas track pants, bought here* and a Boden cashmere jumper from a few years ago.


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