Discover How To Thrift Your Way Through The Big Apple, From Queens To The Seaport.

It’s true that you can spend a fortune in New York’s iconic department stores and trendy boutiques, but for most of us, shopping in these stores is not the most cost-effective option. What is the best place to shop? The best thrift stores in New York offer amazing deals and the possibility of making amazing, unexpected discoveries, just like the city's flea markets, vintage stores, and consignment shops. Furthermore, shopping at thrift stores avoids fast fashion and supports charitable causes.

Putting in the time is key to bringing home a variety of unique pieces, but walking into the experience with a specific piece isn't recommended. There are scores of thrift shops spread throughout the five boroughs of New York City, both carefully curated and uncensored. The best thrift shops capture the city's energy, regardless of whether they are located in the upper class or the downtown trendsetters. Visiting a city, you might get lucky and find vintage Alaïa or Chanel donated by a celebrity, fashion editor, or business executive. Furthermore, many thrift stores rely on donations and donate proceeds to important causes such as AIDS research and homelessness assistance.

If you're looking to branch out beyond online consignment shopping but tend to get overwhelmed by the thought of walking into a roomful of clothes, we suggest starting your tour of the best of New York's thrift stores with a few general needs in mind. And what doesn’t spark joy for them may certainly spark joy for the rest of us and our wallets! However, when it comes to thrifting there’s always a chance of running into high ticket items due to the label attached to them and the “vintage” aspect of it. Not to worry!

NYC's best thrift stores:

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