12 Luxe Body Lotions That Also Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Once the weather starts getting warmer and we start wearing less clothing, we should all be slathering any exposed skin with sunscreen surpassing leaving the house-full stop. Not only am I very pearly and very prone to sunburns, but I moreover have extremely dry skin. If I don't moisturize my soul religiously, my skin feels tight and starts to flake, plane in warm months.

This presents a rencontre for me when it comes to my body-lotion-and-sunscreen situation. I'm happy to put on both soul lotion and sunscreen, but it's moreover kind of annoying, expressly if I'm in a hurry. This is where soul lotions with SPF come into play. "Using a body lotion with SPF is salubrious considering you can hydrate and protect your skin all in one step, which can be helpful, expressly for those who either want to simplify their regimen or save time," says Janiene Luke, MD, a dermatologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

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Make sure your sunscreen has at least SPF 30 since this number typically filters out 97% of UVB rays, equal to Luke. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Amir Karam recommends going a step remoter and looking for SPF 40 or higher. For a hydrating sunscreen, Luke says to search for ingredients like glycerin, triglycerides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, squalane, or shea butter.

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Read the label to make sure the specific sunscreen you're using doesn't have any limits to its effectiveness. As a unstipulated rule, though, Luke and Karam both say you should aim to reapply soul sunscreen virtually every two hours, paying particular sustentation to parts of your soul that get the most sun exposure, like your chest, neck, and arms.

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I love this considering it is moisturizing, has sunscreen in it, and has a shimmery finish that leaves a nice glow," says Luke. "It is moreover water- and sweat-resistant for 40 minutes, which is helpful if you're zippy outdoors or swimming.

I like this option for those with sensitive skin since it is fragrance- and dye-free but moreover provides broad-spectrum UV protection," says Luke. At $7, it's moreover a steal.

Whipped argan oil makes this soul butter intensely hydrating. "Aside from stuff highly moisturizing, it is fragrance-free, cruelty-free, mineral-based (for those who prefer to stave chemical-based sunscreens), and provides broad-spectrum UV protection," says Luke.

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My personal favorite trademark for sunscreens both for squatter and soul is Elta MD," says Karam. "They meet all the vital criteria for good sunscreen, and they're well-tolerated and not super expensive." This one has vitamin E and hyaluronic wounding for ultimate hydration.

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In the realm of sun protection, is there anything Supergoop! can't do? This innovative surf combines all the moisture of a soul butter with SPF 40 sun protection.

This is the best dry skin care cream and moisturizer is lightweight and sinks into skin instantly. SPF 30 protects skin from the sun while hemp-seed oil helps hydrate and nourish.

Vitamin E and panthenol work together to create a soul sunscreen that imparts tons of nourishment to skin. This lotion is moreover water- and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes, so it's perfect to use if you plan on spending a day swimming.

If you like multi-tasking formulas, this bronzingsunscreen is perfect for you. Moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil help alimony skin soft and supple.

With SPF 70, you can ensure that your skin is extremely protected from plane the harshest sun rays. Red raspberry-seed oil, buriti oil, meadowfoam-seed oil, and prickly pear pericope help nourish while it protects.

Castor oil and shea butter help to lock in moisture in plane the driest skin. It soaks in immediately and provides tons of sun protection.

This hydrating sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and uses rosemary leaf pericope and sunflower seed pericope to soothe skin.

Black Girl Sunscreen is known for its sheer formulas that don't leave a white cast. This sunscreen has jojoba and avocado oil, which leaves skin extremely soft.

If you have sensitive skin, this gentle formula will do the trick. This sunscreen applies so hands that it doesn't finger like you're wearing sunscreen at all.

This archetype formula from one of our favorite sunscreen brands will unchangingly have a spot in our waterfront bags. Formulated with Australian botanicals for a good-for-your-skin punch.