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At the risk of making myself too vulnerable online, I have to admit: my cuticles rarely get dirty. I might treat myself to a manicure again and again, but by the time I leave the salon, probably as I'm on my way to treat myself to a big, stupid green juice that costs $14.99, no more, no less, my nails will already be dry. Like a houseplant after a long weekend.

This means that I particularly like beautiful manicures and how I can theoretically enjoy them. One day. And that's how I noticed Modern Pamper Salon, the tag that regularly appears on Kendall and/or Kylie Jenner's latest Instagram stories.

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For me, that's all Noticed in a few weeks, Kendall and/or Kylie will post a sneak peek of their perfect glitter manicure (maybe negative space nail art or maybe gold foil glitter) with the caption "@modernpampersalon." Soon, TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio started doing the same, probably when they moved to Los Angeles to secure a spot in the infamous Hype House. If you follow at least one (1) KarJenner and/or D'Amelio, you've no doubt seen the handle @modernpampersalon in your Instagram cave.

However, no one during I thought about going to the @modernpampersalon profile for all this. It became kind of a fun, low-stakes Instagram puzzle that I never felt pressured to solve. If I had done a little research I would definitely have found the answers to my questions, essentially: what is @modernpampersalon? Is this just a home manicure service for PYTs in Los Angeles? But what's more interesting is that it is also a status symbol of verifiable fame for rising stars like D'Amelios? And could an older Angeleno call them and ask about Kendall's special?

After more research (googling), I finally discovered that the place was actually closed, a real physical stay on the outskirts of Burbank. So I hired an expert of sorts, Kirbie Johnson, journalist, producer and co-host of the beauty podcast Gloss Angeles, to help me sort it all out. (Modern Pamper Salon did not respond to my request for comment.

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Are there any manicures that are really amazing? Is there someone who always has the best manicure? Although we do not possess a magic mirror, we can confidently tell you that the answer is none other than Kylie Jenner! Kylie Jenner! Her nails are done every week. For each, she takes between four and five hours.

Being a millionaire is an added bonus. To match her amazing wardrobe, she matches her manicures, too. No matter if Chaun P. or L.A. does the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's nails, she gets them done. The results always look beautiful at Modern Pamper Salon. She doesn't shy away from experimenting with her nail color, nail art, or 3D accessories and designs She spends at least $300,000 on fashion every week.

She was taught to appreciate "pretty, nice nails" by her mother Kris Jenner. Kylie hated getting her nails done as a child as it took up all of her playtime. In addition to being a fashion icon, she owns a beauty company. Fans look to her for all the newest fashion trends, so she has to stay stylish. The most enviable manicures Kylie has ever done are below FAUX WATER DROPLETS In an Instagram post from June 13, Kylie showed off her latest manicure. Clear bumps adorned her orange acrylic nails to give the appearance that water drops were being rested on them. 

Apparently this salon is in North Hollywood, which is why I've never seen or heard of it," Johnson says. "I know, any LA girls talk about the Valley? "Innovative." As for non-geographical details, Johnson agrees: It appears to be a low-profile company with a defined category of customers. “Its customer base is better suited to reality TV and TikTok audiences, and it will definitely get a surge of customers as people like Kylie and Charli tag them.

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In Los Angeles, Johnson says, getting a celebrity customer is a no-brainer. If a business can build a following (and hopefully convert them into customers) simply because a famous person tagged them on Instagram, demand may be higher and the company may charge more for appointments since these spots may be limited. However, Kris Jenner cannot provide free advertising for someone or something. Remember when Kendall blurred Kacey Musgraves' poster even though they were true friends in real life? NO! Free advertising!

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A DREAMER It's not a coincidence that Kylie Jenner dominates. A new intricate design appears almost every week on the nails of the beauty mogul. Featuring stylish ripples of purple and gray, she's wearing a geode-inspired set. 

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