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Kylie Jenner Has The Best Nail Art Designs

Are there any manicures that are really amazing? Is there someone who always has the best manicure? Although we do not possess a magic mirror, we can confidently tell you that the answer is none other than Kylie Jenner! Kylie Jenner! Her nails are done every week. For each, she takes between four and five hours. Being a millionaire is an added bonus. To match her amazing wardrobe, she matches her manicures, too. No matter if Chaun P. or L.A. does the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's nails, she gets them done. The results always look beautiful at Modern Pamper Salon. She doesn't shy away from experimenting with her nail color, nail art, or 3D accessories and designs She spends at least $300,000 on fashion every week. She was taught to appreciate "pretty, nice nails" by her mother Kris Jenner. Kylie hated getting her nails done as a child as it took up all of her playtime. In addition to being a fashion icon, she owns a beauty company. Fans look to her for all the newest fashion trends, so she has to stay stylish. The most enviable manicures Kylie has ever done are below FAUX WATER DROPLETS In an Instagram post from June 13, Kylie showed off her latest manicure. Clear bumps adorned her orange acrylic nails to give the appearance that water drops were being rested on them. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A DREAMER It's not a coincidence that Kylie Jenner dominates. A new intricate design appears almost every week on the nails of the beauty mogul. Featuring stylish ripples of purple and gray, she's wearing a geode-inspired set. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram HOT POLKA DOTS Polka dots like these are a work of art. They were shown off by Kylie in April 2021. On each of her fingers, she has used many different shades of pink, including neon pink, baby pink, dark pink, and more. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram WELCOME SUMMER! 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram CHROME 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram THE ART 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram NEUTRALS In February 2021, Kylie showed off her chocolate-tinted coffin nails with this stunning paisley-like brown manicure...They look amazing and are so luxurious. Honesty, perfection. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram CHECKERBOARD Stormi's third birthday was celebrated with Kylie's checkerboard manicure. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A COLOR CHANGE 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram PERFECT MATCH Following a brief time ditching her trademark coffin shape for a more natural, short look, Kylie Long has reverted back to her signature shape. In preparation for a photo shoot, she put on sharp claws, and confessed she might want to keep them. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A COLORFUL FRENCH MANIPULATION Orange and green French manicure. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A POP OF COLOR According to the Kardashian/Jenner family, this orange shade is the hottest color of the summer. Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie all wear this color. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram ARTSY This is an amazing work of art! It's the nail trend everyone's talking about: mismatched nails. Kylie Jenner is the king of extra nail designs. Here are some abstract nails that should be in a museum from Kylie Jenner. Her finger was painted with an abstract design. An ivory matte background had different patterns on every finger. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram RAINBOW A viral outbreak suddenly left Kylie Jenner's famed claws missing. In order to resemble a more natural oval shape, Kylie has removed her coffin nails during quarantine. Her nails also featured matte rainbow tips. With the use of colors on a base of nude, French manicures take on a whole new level. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram SIMPLE What could be better than pistachio ice cream? Pistachio-colored nails, of course! 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram A SURPRISE! It's just a simple pink manicure. But if you look closer you'll find the Channel Brand logo. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram OMBRE Kylie Jenner's nail art is the subject of this article. It's official: the '90s trend is back, but Kylie has given it her own twist. Compared to your standard beige combination, this is so much cooler. Beautiful pink ombré nails scream modern elegance. The gradient look makes your tips on trend, while the muted shades give them a sophisticated feel. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram MURAKAMI GIRL Whenever you work on a large piece of canvas, your nail game needs to be at the top of the game. For a groovy look, we incorporate Takashi Murakami's iconic smileys into this floral manicure. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram CLASSY There's always a place for animal prints, such as Leopard Print Hybrid. The way Kylie shows off her pawress is her own. Kylie's nails are fierce and fabulous since the art is kept at the tips. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram DIFFERENT Christmas is a time for a standard red manicure. The star gets a metallic green manicure. Different from the common man, her style is unique. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram KYLIE COSMETICS TAKES THE WIN It's important to show off your brand every now and then. These teeny little Lip Kits were modeled after Kylie's famous coffin nails. Kylie Cosmetics is known for its drip look. This nail polish inspires me to strive to fulfill half of their goals. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram VACAY TIME 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram CHROME There is something almost hypnotizing about the high-gloss finish. Kylie Jenner wore a pair of pink chrome nails in late 2018 that couldn't be missed. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram PRETTY IN PINK 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram BUTTERFLIES It will have you reaching for your butterfly clips and lip gloss as you admire Jenner's butterfly manicure. Aren't these designs gorgeous? Every eye is on her nails thanks to the pink and black butterflies, crystals scattered throughout, and an assortment of sizes. You can see how the middle two fingers join together to form a single and stunning butterfly if you look closely. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram JERSEY GIRL? 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram TIE N DYE A decade-long revival of tie dye and toe rings has returned. Despite wearing both retro trends at the same time, Kylie displayed her technicolor claws. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram SUPERSTAR Kylie Jenner's star nails in this year's fall fashions feature a fusion of two major nail trends. They are the perfect Summer shades, and they feature a clear base for the nail art look of negative space. Since Kylie has some space, Alexa could play "NASA" by Ariana Grande. She switched up her manicure on Coachella weekend by going for neon spangled toenails. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram MATTE FUN Having a hard time choosing between these matte shades. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram SHE HAS PLENTY BIG BUCKS It seems to be insufficient to be a millionaire. Aspire to greater things. The nail designs will motivate one to keep going higher and higher to achieve more. 

Courtesy Kylie Jenner @Instagram Well hope, the next time you go to the saloon, you will know what you need to get done.
By Rashmi Goel