Modest Dresses for Women: A Must-Have for Every Wardrobe

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Modest Dresses for Women

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Last weekend I had the privilege of attending my cousin's beautiful wedding. The wedding took place in a gorgeous white Southern plantation style home. She asked me to sing a song during the ceremony; That's why I wanted to combine the aubergine and silver colors. I asked if I should wear an aubergine dress or a silver dress and she chose the aubergine dress. I didn't know where to find an aubergine dress that I liked and, above all, I didn't know where to find a simple dress. My Google search began.

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Of course, I checked the Dainty Jewell website first because they have an amazing selection of elegant dresses, but I couldn't find find it. She couldn't find one that exactly matched the color she wanted. I did a bit of research online before finding this aubergine evening dress on If you're looking for a simple evening dress, I recommend taking a look here and at ASOS!

Modest Dresses for Women: Embrace Elegance and Style

Discover the beauty of modest fashion with our collection of simple, elegant and trendy women's maxi dresses. Find the perfect dress to show off your unique style and leave a lasting impression. Experience modesty and grace with our exquisite designs.

Modest Dresses for Women

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Why Are Women Turning To Modest Dresses?

Low clothing is a growing global movement. This is demonstrated by the most popular searches on Instagram: to date, more than half a million people have tagged the term “modest fashion” as a caption with several widely used derivatives (modest style, modest fashion, modest movement, modest clothes, etc.Below-the-knee hemlines, practical layers, high necklines and long silhouettes are OOTD favourites.

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Although it is great to be fashionable, modest fashion, in the true sense of the term, is not currently trendy and is not universal in its rules or guidelines. Women of various religious groups have long adhered to their dress codes, whether they consider them "modest" or not. Christians are advised to wear classic sleeves, trousers below the knee and loose-fitting T-shirts with sufficiently high necklines. While all other customs are different in one way or another, everyone has a different idea of what modesty means to them. This can refer to the clothing brand, fabric selection, colors, cuts, and wide selection. Given religious dress codes, dressing modestly is liberating and fun. You can express your style, personality and mood.

From the Bible to History

Humility is appreciated as much in the courts of the ancient Jewish Christians and Israelites as it is among the pews of the Philippine tradition. It is deeply rooted in human society that every culture has its own silent codes that encourage women to dress and behave respectfully.

That the Bible exists Many they say that men should be above women's authority, and throughout history, women have supposedly hidden more than men. In one study, an anthropologist suggests that the origin lies in males' sexual jealousy and protection of their partners, as observed in other species, including some monkeys. In humans, partner protection appears to be significantly increased. The Church has sophisticated methods to limit and control women's sexual freedom. Since the woman is modest, she must fulfill the demands placed on her to be virginal and faithful.

The same way of dressing reflects the Spanish colonial history of the Philippines. as well as the aristocracy of the Filipino people. From the 16th to 18th centuries, women wore a Hispanicized version of the Baro't Saya, consisting of a top called a shirt, meaning blouse in English, often made of pineapple fiber or muslin and a skirt that reached the belly. . . and a lower scarf, a large square cloth folded into a triangular shape and worn locally as a large frill or collar.

The Spanish regime was also eventually overthrown and replaced . from the First Philippine Republic; Women still wore this type of fashion. Nowadays, this type of dress is called "Maria Clara" dress, named after the character Maria Clara from the novel Noli Me Tangere by Dr. José Rizal, who has become the symbol of the traditional Filipino woman known as modest, elegant and conservative.

Media Figures and Their Influence

Until now, media figures have always been present at the show as influencers, adding prestige to the websites of fashion without breaking the fundamental rule. breasts or legs.

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Emma Watson's style in a recent issue of Vanity Fair reports that US President Donald Trump may have suggested that "women dress as they should. from the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Drew Barrymore.

In the Philippines, we think of women who really like to hide, those who dress modestly on the red carpet and show up in front of the television screen that you don't need a crop top to be sexy; sometimes all you need is a scoop neck dress and an unmatched level of confidence to turn heads. So If you're not ready to show off all the low-cut thigh-high dresses, take inspiration from media personalities who prove modesty really is best.

For example; fans love Sarah Geronimo because she is a down-to-earth example of a real but conservative pop star: the same fashion styles everyone else is wearing, but with more coverage: higher necklines, longer lengths, and long sleeves. It's proof that modesty and fashion can go hand in hand and that it doesn't have to be a problem.

How Can Modest Dresses Enhance Your Fashion Choices?

We can decide for ourselves what is beautiful in our bodies.This decision is ours and ours alone,” Jennifer Aniston wrote in an article for HuffPost. The actress's powerful statement shows that women continue to face relentless pressure to make the "right" choices to be considered. "Appropriate" or dignified.

For many years, determining the individuality and lifestyle of a person who dresses modestly has not exactly been the same thing that we determine. experience. Today. If you take a look at the history of modest fashion, you will find that it has been lost and forgotten for a long time. From the reign of the Islamic Empire in the early 7th century until the rise to power of the Ottoman Turks in the 14th century, women of different ethnicities and backgrounds grew up wearing modest clothing. However, the concept of what should be worn was not uniform and there were differences in the extent to which it should be worn.

However, modesty should not be tax. a woman cannot be defined only by her choice of clothing. The clothes we choose to amaze and enchant the world are just one aspect of our personality. Humility is a term that refers to having a long, deep conversation with opposing views and ideas, but we shouldn't emphasize our differences. Ultimately, the concept of modest dress has evolved over time to reflect changing social norms.