The D’accori shoes are the heels that every celebrity wants to flaunt. These shoes are worn by celebrities on the red carpet and also by people around. The man behind D’accori shoes is Mo D’accori.

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Mo D’accori is the man behind the D’accori shoes. He grew up between Amman and London. He had a passion for artistry. He had a love for craftsmanship. He studied Fine Art at the London College of Fashion. He studied Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni. There he found his love for footwear design. He made his first pair of heels for Lady Gaga. He did his MA at the University of Westminster. He is the creator of the very famous D’accori shoes. Today D’accori shoes are designed in London and handcrafted in Florence. These shoes are bold and flamboyant. These are subtle too. These are a blend of craftsmanship and skill.

About the shoes’ history

about shoes history

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The D’accori shoes became very popular last year. This was because of the post-lockdown parties. Mo D’accori has been making high heel shoes for almost a decade. Lady Gaga is an early fan of these shoes. In 2011, when D’accori was a student, Lady Gaga replaced her Pleaser platforms with D’accori shoes.

D’accori was ready to launch in 2020. But it could not be launched because of Covid. But time made him fine-tune and add more finesse to the product.

His D’accori shoes are ideal for the dance floor. The shoe complements the leg. It is surreal. D’accori shoes are available in a range of colors. There are metallics, heels, and strappy toe cages. They are comfortable and lightweight. The shoes are inspired by the ‘70s.

Popularity among celebrities

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Ariana Grande was one of the first to take up a pair of his killer heels. She chose the sparkling black Belles. Dua Lipa and Doja Cat are also fans of Belle shoes. Dua has taken lace-up Roux heels also. Gaga wore bronze Belles at the screening of House of Gucci. Alexa Demie has taken up the mules in D’accori shoes.

D’accori has an A-list clientele. D’accori likes to keep in touch with his customers. He asks for feedback from them. He talks to them on Instagram too. He also offers advice on shoe choices and outfits.

D’accori rose to fame even before he launched the shoes. This was because Lady Gaga chose his platform D’accori shoes. Mo D’accori has designed for many A-listers like Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, and Dua Lipa. The feel of D’accori shoes is 70s disco. They have metallic platform heels and some crystals. They are sturdy and lightweight. These are party shoes.

Features of D’accori

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D’accori is a disco vibe, just like the name. D’accori is known for its metallic finish. D’accori looks fabulous and beautiful on the feet of women. The D’accori shoes are nearly 6-inch and shiny and sparkly.

D’accori shoes are perfect party shoes. No silhouette or outfit is complete without D’accori shoes. They are the final touch to your outfit. D’accori make vertiginous platform heels. These have been tried out by celebrities. They satiate the feeling of going to a party or the party-feeling. D’accori was launched in 2021. It is a self-titled brand. Mo D’accori launched it in 2021 because it was post-pandemic time and everyone was ready to party. So, this was the perfect time to launch the shoes. The first wearer of the D’accori shoes was Lady Gaga herself. Many stars have worn D’accori. And they have come back and complimented him on the shoes’ looks.

Mo D’accori says that you don’t have to really have a star quality to wear D’accori. The shoes are made for everyone. These are shoes for the empowered. The ultimate motto of the brand is self-empowerment. D’accori celebrates uniqueness and greatness.

The footwear industry had thought that would high heels make their way into the comfort-prioritizing world after the pandemic. Now, they have made their way and they are larger than ever. And then came the D’accori shoes that are getting popular a lot. Platform heels are gaining the limelight and so are D’accori shoes.

Mo D’accori has made a name for himself with D’accori shoes. They have been worn by A-listers. D’accori experimented with his shoe design before launching a full-fledged more commercial shoe range in 2021. They did a lot of trial and error in the prototype stage. They had to come up with balance and comfort. D’accori shoes are not like the skinny-heel platform shoes that were popular in the 2010s. D’accori has an evolved and wider heel like that of the 70s. The heel of the D’accori Belle sandal has a diameter of over an inch. The stilettos are less than one centimeter when they come in contact with the ground. They are so comfortable, unlike heels that are not comfortable.

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D’accori is among the brands that come up with dazzling shoes. D’accori is a designer footwear brand. The mules from D’accori have delicate designs with two front straps. There are also the D’accori’s signature cutouts in the straps. Then two slim strings are there that are diagonally on the foot. They frame the heels but have a barely-there effect. This luxe platform heel has been made in Italy from Italian calf leather. The square-toe mules are also on the 100mm D’accori signature heel. It comes in different colors. The colors are Purple Teardrop, Chameleon Green, Disco Drama, Noir, and Orange Venom.

The Belle sandals are exquisite that are made in Italy from textured calfskin leather. The length is 150 mm. The D’accori signature hourglass is there. The heels come with an adjustable slingback that is supportive. It is also comfortable and has a secure fit. The Belle sandals with platforms come in different fashionable colors like Chameleon Green, Disco Drama, Metallic Bronze, Lavender Blonde, and Galactic Black.


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So, D’accori shoes should be there in every woman’s closet. These are designer shoes after the name of the designer D’accori. These come in varieties like Mules and Belle sandals. These are the most sought-after sandals in the A-listers.

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