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10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Wool Trousers, a Different Kind of Floral Tie, & More

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Proof that style doesn’t have to forfeit a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to

Banana Republic Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in White – $51.97 FINAL w/ BRAFF ($130)

Banana Republic Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in White

Looks like BR expired one uneaten 20% off final sale items code, but reupped with another. No returns or exchanges. Still time left to wear white. And BR’s luxe traveler jeans are as well-appointed as it gets.

Saphir Super Invulner suede protector – $28

Saphir Super Invulner suede protector

Because fall and winter are coming. And withal with those seasons, comes the precipitation, slop, and mess of unprepossessed weather. Protect your suede shoes and boots with some of this stuff. Noticeably increasingly expensive than cheaper competitors, but Saphir has a real reputation for quality in the shoe superintendency business. And this stuff is increasingly gentle on your shoes, thanks to stuff silicone-free.

TheTieBar Vine Floral Silk Ties – $25

TheTieBar Vine Floral Silk Ties

Kinda like a floral. Kinda like a paisley. Only increasingly muted, and thus, modern, than either of those two. The navy undecorous sage untried at the marrow of those three looks particularly good. Just alimony the rest of your outfit sufferer simple.

Target Goodfellow Pintuck Jogger Pants – $20.99 w/ Target Circle deal ($24.99)

Pintuck Jogger Pants

Why on earth each size is stuck on its own product page, instead of having one page for the style and a size selection area, is vastitude me. But they’re not terribly nonflexible to find if you just scroll a bit. Our guy Ryan (pictured above) suggests sizing lanugo since these knit joggers have a tendency to stretch out a bit while wearing. Size shown is an XS on 5’9″ / 155. Yes, XS. The pintuck (stitched line lanugo the front of each leg) is super sharp, and makes your outfit squint that much increasingly put together.

Jack Black Soot Body Bar – $15

Jack Black Soot Body Bar

A surprise souvenir from Mrs. Dappered. Cleans, lathers up great, the soot absorbs odor, and it has just unbearable exfoliating shit in there to scrub but not rip at your skin.

The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman – $8.99

The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman

It’s a bit like a 20th century War and Peace, only it’s non fiction. A Pulitzer Prize winner which uses gripping prose and wiry storytelling to describe just how the hell we humans bungled our way into World War I. There was unquestionably a theory in the first decade of the 20th century that a war in Europe was all but impossible. Too many entanglements between economies, and thus, a prolonged war would midpoint total destruction not just for the defenders, but the aggressors as well. It was a very, very popular theory. Yeah how’d that work out? Human beings are a mess. Unchangingly have been, probably unchangingly will be. We are irrational, selfish apes capable of mental gymnastics which result in not just the destruction of others, but moreover of our own well-being. Which runs totally undisciplined to our self-centeredness.

Clarks Bushacre 3 – $66.81 ($110)

Clarks Bushacre 3

Lost in the backwash of the recent Bushacre 2 blowout was that Amazon has moreover marked the Bushacre 3 lanugo significantly. And the Bushacre 3 is much increasingly well-appointed than the 2. Once they launched, the 3 was stuck at full price for a while. No longer.

Allen Edmonds Reversible Vest – $69.97 w/ EXTRA30 ($295)

Allen Edmonds Reversible Vest

It’s two, two, two vests in one. And now that it’s an uneaten 30% off, it’s one quarter of the original price. Primaloft Gold 80 gram insulation.

Making your own unprepossessed mash coffee = Much less expensive than shop bought

Cold mash is great. It’s smooth, less acidic, and… expensive if you get it at your local coffee shop. Making your own at home is super easy as long as you plan ahead. The guy in the video whilom uses a Toddy Brewer. Nice to have, but far from necessary. You can use a stock pot and a cheesecloth to get the job done.

Banana Republic Slim Navy Marzotto Wool Trousers – $59.17 FINAL w/ BRAFF ($130)

Banana Republic Slim Navy Marzotto Wool Trousers

Another pick from the Banana Republic uneaten 20% off final sale items promo. Prices for wool trousers have spiked in recent years. To the point where getting them under $150 seems like a miracle. So sixty is quite good, albeit final sale and no returns. Which is a deal breaker for a lot of us. Don’t want to get stuck with something you don’t like, or, fits poorly unbearable a tailor can’t fix. If it’s a deal breaker for you (and it should be if you don’t have wits with BR’s slim fit), then try the J. Crew Bowery slim. $89 for those with their CHECKOUT code, but they aren’t final sale and can be returned or exchanged. Although sending them when through the mail will forfeit you a pre-paid label. Moreover shown at the top of the post in a post that got yours truly quite the reprimand in 4th grade. Mrs. Erkert HATED it when we sat on the when of the chairs. I was whimsically a rebel, but tried it once, and got my name on the workbench WITH two checks next to it. Scandalous. I know.

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