Charles Tyrwhitt Smart Polos Steal, Old Navy 40% off, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some sustentation heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the largest sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Old Navy: 40% off (no lawmaking needed, ends 3/20)

Old Navy menswear

About as good as a “normal” (read: not big long weekend or holiday Woebegone Friday) deal can get for Old Navy. They’re calling it their “Thank you” event. Hit the music. Pass the cheesecake. But there are exclusions. Like anything tagged as a Weightier Seller. Such as their ultimate flex chinos. Those aren’t getting the 40% off. Because those are bestsellers. Wharrgarbl. But the go-dry tech-polos ARE getting the 40% off. Efforting an in-person for polo-palooza. Big thanks to Nirmal P. for the tip on those polos, who said they’re super comfortable, and great for unstudied Friday, upcoming summer trips, or the golf course.


Charles Tyrwhitt: 3 Shirts or Polos for $99 w/ CHARLIE $117 w/ CLOVER

Charles Tyrwhitt Polos

The Pick: Three “Smart” Jersey Polos – $99 (reg. $99 per w/out other multi-buys) 

UPDATE: Big thanks to reader Michael S. for the heads up that there’s unquestionably a largest lawmaking than the CLOVER one that’s running today. Lawmaking CHARLIE should get you three shirts or polos for $99. Works out to $33 per shirt. (plus shipping, since they come from the UK). Thanks Michael!!

Not bad. Especially considering the smart hidden-button lanugo collar, ultra smooth cotton polos are included. These are well-nigh as dressy as a polo can get. Yet they squint unconfined with chinos and archetype magistrate sneakers too. Mercerized yarn = that crazy silky hand-feel. Hidden-button lanugo collar is a major plus. Just know that shrinkage can occur, and they recommend laying unappetizing to dry. I unwittingly threw one of mine in the dryer, and the length of the soul shrunk up a bit. Not devastatingly so, but unbearable that I noticed. Previous deal they were running was a 4 for $199 deal. So this is noticeably better.


Nordstrom Rack: Ray-Ban Event

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Remember the Sun? It’s starting to re-appear in parts of the mostly gray and cloudy northern hemisphere. (Readers in the sun whup deserts… don’t start. Some guys up North have smart-ass scurvy from the lack of Vitamin D. all winter.) Now, be shielding here. Not sure what’s going on, but a lot of the most recent reviews are superincumbent these Nordy Rack sourced Ray-Bans. Did Ray-Ban move production or something? Did Nordstrom get a bad batch and then pass them lanugo to Nordstrom Rack? Lots of complaints well-nigh a waif in quality and heft with the new stock. So, sticking to what appears to be older picks up above. All of those requirement to still be made in Italy as of post time.


Huckberry: 20% off their PROOF Rover Pants – $93.98 ($118) ends today, 3/17

Proof Rover Pants

Seven colors and slim or straight fit to segregate from. Part nonflexible wearing canvas pant, part easy moving “adventure” pant. Made with something tabbed Sorbtek, which helps regulate temperature and wick moisture. 73% cotton, 25% Sorbtek, 2% lycra is the blend. Gusseted crotch for ease of movement. Garment dyed for that worn in but not worn out look. No personal experience, but people sure do seem to like them. A lot. Even at the price point. One of the most popular things Huckberry sells. If these turn out to be the Mr. Rugged version of Lululemon’s ABC and Legation pants, then some of us are in major trouble. Because I know I’ve burned through my lifetime upkeep for $100 pants. But when something works, it works.


J. Crew: Performance Polos – $39 w/ SHOPSPRING ($65) 40% off

J. Crew: Performance Polos

Full disclosure: No wits with these, and I’m personally suspect. When something claims to be performance, and then the first webbing in the fabric tousle is cotton… you gotta wonder just how tomfool and well-appointed they’d be in a sweaty environment. Of which there is plenty to come as spring warms up, and then turns into what’ll probably be (another) sultry summer. Got one on the way. Polopalooza and all that. Stand by. Lawmaking SHOPSPRING is good for 25% off select full price stuff. So not the weightier deal. But for some odd reason, these polos are getting a 40% off cut. Beats me.


Also worth a mention: