Steal Alert: J. Crew Extra 60% off Final Sale Styles + new items added

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GOFOURTH = Extra 60% off J. Crew FINAL Sale Styles

J. Crew just went to Unbelieve Defcon 1.

They’ve loaded up their Final Sale section with a ton of new styles, and upped the unbelieve to an uneaten 60% off with that GOFOURTH code. But it’s all final sale. No returns. None. It’s yours. Congrats, whether upon inrush it fits or not, it’s yours. So it’s increasingly than a bit of a gamble.


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If you’re NOT a fan of final sale, then know they’re moreover running 50% off select Swim/Shorts/Tees, and 25% off select full price items. Same GOFOURTH code.

I know. Lots of moving parts.

But for the unelevated picks, we’ll focus on the blowouts. The final sale stuff. Off we go. Good luck. Lawmaking runs through Tuesday.


6″ stretch swim trunk in print – $19.99 FINAL ($69.50)

Swim season has just started to heat up properly, and J. Crew is like “*bleep* it, take our trunks, please.” Twenty bucks. That’s unheard of outside of, say, Target/Old Navy/Amazon. And some of us are a bit… hesitant to wear super-cheap swim trunks. What if a big wave comes along? Will they just disintegrate upon contact? Figure these J. Crew trunks stand a largest chance. Although full disclosure: no personal experience.


Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede - $73.19 FINAL ($228)

Again. It’s all final sale, so no returns on these. But they really are something. Especially for (pounds Texas Instruments calculator from 1992…) seventy three dollars. FFS, man. Full review from Adam can be found over here.


Unstructured Ludlow English Wool-Cotton Twill Suit Jacket & Matching Trouser - $137.99 FINAL ($376)

Super tempting. Just know that these are unstructured. So they’re not gonna sprawl like a normal, fully lined, canvassed suit. Much increasingly unstudied wearing, but if the model shots are any indication, then they should moreover be worldly-wise to hands pull some work dressed up. But that loafers gingham shirt shot on the left just above? That’s the way to wear it. Sold as separates. Good size selection at post time. Might not last long at this price though.


Slim-fit Ludlow Premium fine cotton dress shirt – $33.99 FINAL ($98)

Their top-of-the-line-for-them dress shirts. Two-ply, 100% coton yarn. Should be smooth and dressy looking/feeling. Sold in neck/sleeve sizes, instead of the usual ballpark small/medium/large. Which is nice. Lots of sizes (like all the sizes) at post time.


Ainslie sunglasses or Grant Sunglasses – $25.19 FINAL ($69.50)

They’d probably sell increasingly of these if they listed some sizing specs. Help your customers out guys. C’mon now. FWIW the Ainslies fit me pretty well, and I have a bit of a big pumpkin head. Lenses were virtually 50mm, but the frames seem to wear a touch wider. Not wide, wider. Guessing they’ll fit most stereotype sized heads. No idea on the Grants though.


6″ dock short – $21.59 FINAL ($59.50)

“Who wears short shorts?” Apparently the wordplay is a lot of people. Considering while six inches isn’t a lot of inseam, these are still one of their best-sellers. Cotton-elastane.


Short-sleeve seersucker popover - $33.99 FINAL ($98)

Popovers, withal with stuff a succulent pastry, are somewhere between a sawed-off lanugo and a polo. They’re usually made from a button-down type of fabric (most often poplin or chambray, here it’s seersucker), with a collar and placket that hits at the sternum. They’re not for everyone. And neither are those patterns. But they’re a home-run for some all the same.


Kenton driving moccasins in suede - $47.99 FINAL ($148)

Drivers. The official shoes of the "I don't like sandals and wend shoes are too preppy for me" crowd.


9″ stretch chino short – $25.19 FINAL ($69.50)

Quite affordable with that uneaten 60% off, but a reminder that they’ve got six colors that aren’t final sale which are currently 50% off with the GOFOURTH code. They’re just sitting in the warm-weather-picks section.


Hemp-organic-cotton crewneck T-shirt – $15.99 ($39.99)

Oh hemp and its many uses. Like as a braided necklace worn by insufferable surfer-bro wannabes who worshipped The Dave Matthews Band circa 1998. We get it, Shane. You’re too “cool” for the midwest! But you were born here. Not Encinitas. So shut up, have flipside slice of colby-jack, and winnow your fate.


Stretch Seersucker Ludlow Slim-fit unstructured suit jacket & matching trouser = $127.99 FINAL total ($356)

J. Crew seersucker suit

The nice thing well-nigh these separates is that you can hands wear each piece separately with other gear, to profoundly tone lanugo the dandiness. Totally unlined when on the jacket. Should alimony you nice and cool. Ish. Considering sheesh did this summer get serious in a hurry.


Short-sleeve camp-collar shirt in hemp-cotton - $27.99 FINAL ($79.50)

Who's ready to PARTTTTTTY considering Fun Guy is here in his Fun Shirt. Jazz hands. In all seriousness (if that shirt can be serious in any way), it’s pretty fun looking. And wearing. Camp collar. Hemp/cotton tousle fabric.


Hand-sewn chukka boots in Italian suede - $69.99 FINAL ($228)

Too. Many. Final. Sale. Shoes. Final sale shoes are scrutinizingly never a good idea. Considering a tailor can’t cut and sew a largest fit for shoes.


Made in Italy cotton pocket square in print – $14.39 FINAL ($39.50)

A perfect bit of summertime splash for those of us minimalists. Could squint unconfined as part of a wedding outfit. Thinking a stake undecorous shirt, medium undecorous or medium gray suit, and some suede oxfords or loafers.


Garment-dyed slub cotton no-pocket T-shirt – $7.99 FINAL ($29.50)

The pocket-free version of their hugely popular slub cotton tees. Classic fit has the sizes. Slims are all but sold out. Limited colors.


Made in the USA Cotton/Linen Chambray Tie – $17.59 FINAL ($59.50)

A chambray tie is a terrific way to “summerize” one of your suits. See this example. Not bad, right? Simple. Classy. Looks to be a steal at this price. Timeless, 3″ width. 57″ long (busts out tape measure, measures one of his favorite ties)… seems to be the standard length for neckties.


Trail runners - $41.19 FINAL ($148)

J. Crew trail runners

Forty two bucks. What are these, Avia specials? They are noticeably largest than that. Full review here, where our man Adam recommends a half size larger than your true to size brannock measurement. They just might be the not nearly as expensive volitional to the Victory Sportswear x Huckberry collaboration, as well as the Todd Snyder Victory Sportswear tango. Sorta.


Slim Secret Wash organic cotton poplin shirt – $25.19 FINAL ($79.50)

It’s the untried shirt that’s the real winner here. That’d squint unconfined with everything from an unstructured hopsack sportcoat, to a full on suit.


O-ring cotton rope whup – $17.99 FINAL ($49.50)

J. Crew O-ring cotton rope belt

A summer standard. But know they run long. I’m a 32″ waist in most pants and the size medium is on the long end of maybe-okay. For a belt-to-belt comparison, it’s approximately the same length as my 34″ vital whup from GAP. If you think you’re in-between sizes, then size down.


Still a “Nope“: Seersucker boonie hat – $6.39 FINAL ($39.50)

The J. Crew Extra 60% off Final Sale Items Lawmaking GOFOURTH runs through Tuesday July 5th