Style Scenario: The First Day it Feels like Spring – Casual

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to squint at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. If you haven’t gotten your first taste of spring yet, it’ll be coming soon. And yes, the unelevated is pretty vital and simple. Key word: simple. Because men’s style is pretty loud right now.

Almost 70’s. Lots of accessories. Lots of hair. And plane a little sleaze. Chest hair. Chains. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! (Mrs. Dappered and I went out the other night and every other dude was dressed like some sort of hipster pirate.) That’s not what we’re going for here. Timeless nuts and good fit. Spring is fresh. Spring is bright. It’s not… grime. Let’s wipe it up and alimony it simple. Happy spring.


style scenario first day of spring 2022 CASUAL


The T-Shirt: GapFit Recycled Active T-Shirt in sunset navy – $30ish: A sneaky unconfined t-shirt. Buried in their athletic-wear section, this tee looks, feels, and acts increasingly like an upgraded/super smooth/”dressy” t-shirt (think the luxe touch from BR, or the Willis Finespun.) Super smooth poly/modal tousle that breathes without looking shiny or “techy”. Raglan style sleeves highlight your shoulders as well as help out with ease of movement. And the collar does NOT stretch out or “bacon” wave. For those that prefer wider necks, you’ll have to squint elsewhere. It’s not a mock. Far from it. But the collar holds up. Which is welcome. Yes there’s a small logo on the left sleeve. But it’s subtle, doesn’t scream GAaaAAAaaAAAP!, and these tees are so well-appointed that you might quickly forget well-nigh it.

The Sunglasses: Target Goodfellow & Co. Acetate Sunglasses – $30. Yellow tortoise to patina up with the skies. If you want to wear shades that are increasingly subtle, like woebegone frames, wire frames, or increasingly traditional tortoise shell, that’s 100% understandable. These might be a little loud for some.

The Squatter Protection: Jack Woebegone Double-Duty Squatter Moisturizer SPF 20 – $48 / 8.5 fl oz. Sun’s out guns squatter moisturizer with SPF out. If you want to age noticeably slower than your peers, do the pursuit three things: drink plenty of water, get unbearable sleep, and protect your skin. Especially your face.

The Jacket: Lululemon Sojurn Jacket – $128. Downright 007 worthy. Only instead of a floppy bomber-style collar, this one has a increasingly modern, sleek, stand-collar that truly stands up. Made from Lululemon’s ultra impressive, breathable, four-way-stretch Warpstreme fabric. Yes it’s a vital spring/fall jacket. But it is perfect in its simplicity. A size large fits my 5’10″/185lbs pretty tropical to perfect.

The Pants: Target Goodfellow Slim Fit Hennepin Chino Pants in Light Grey – $22.99. A lighter shade for brighter days. Cheap. Easy to find. From Target’s terrific and incredibly affordable Goodfellow & Co. brand.

The Belt: GAP Leather Whup – $44.95. Just a basic, unstudied leather belt. And that’s increasingly than fine for this style scenario. And many others.

The Shoes: adidas Stan Smith – $95. Change for the sake of transpiration is one way to pinpoint chaos. Sticking with a archetype here. That, and most of us once own a pair of white, court-inspired sneakers. Now’s the time to unravel them when out. If white sneakers aren’t your thing, desert boots would work here as well.

The Socks: Bombas Colorblock Merino Wool Calf Socks – $22. It’s still too unprepossessed to go sockless or no-show. That, and merino wool cushions and wicks moisture yonder from your feet. Meaning you stay increasingly comfortable, much longer.

The Watch: Orient Ray Will-less – $135 w/ aftermarket Crown & Buckle Supreme “Vintage Bond” Nato – $34. The saying well-nigh traps goes: Last things on, first things noticed. And this tan and burgundy “vintage bond” nato on a tried and true will-less diver says something like: The outfit may be simple, but that’s on purpose.

(Top Photo Credit: Wei Fukuyama)