Everything You Need to know about the Dan Argan Color Stick

In this post, you can find the best and branded josie maran argan color stick. When it comes to product usage, there are multiple unique options available in the market. Have you heard about Josie Maran Argan Color Stick? It is a two-sided purpose color stick. You can apply this for lip and cheek color. This stick provides an ultra-fine, natural wash color which you can adjust as you desire. It also gives you a drizzly skin texture. This color stick is made up of Josie Maran’s argan oil which helps your skin repair from damage. This color stick also includes mango seed, avocado, and bamboo butter which adds the quality of skin purifier. Additionally, it involves lemon tea tree oil and menthol.

To apply this color stick, there are certain ways. The first way is to press this stick on your lips or cheeks in a set motion or you can use a brush or your fingers on the stick and then apply it on your lips/cheeks evenly. However, if you are using it as a blush, you can easily blend it with your fingers as it is so creamy in texture. If you prefer to use the brush as a blender then use a brush like MAC 139. This color stick has a natural quality of giving a genuine natural skin glow like your skin is like that only from the start. The best part is, its application is easy because you can blend it on your lips or cheeks with your fingers to give it a creamy glowing look. This stick looks like a colored balm on your lips.

The Dan Argan Color Stick: A Guide to Colorful living

The Dan Argan Color Stick

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This color stick gives you a lively yet natural look for parties and gets together. It works on two sides with lip balm and a blush stick. This color stick is multitasking which gives you a glorious hydrating cheek for your parties. Also since it is creamy in texture, it blends easily in your skin even with fingers if you want to avoid brush usage. Additionally, if you need to give a vibrant booster look on your lips, you can first apply a lipstick and then apply this color stick on it to create a perfect lip look. Another advantage of using this product is it is a certified cruelty-free product. You can find here best josie maran argan color stick lipstick in USA. 

The Impact of Josie Argan’s Color Stick

Anything which works two-sided is loved by everyone, be it clothes, accessories, or makeup products. Similarly, this Josie Argan’s color stick is a multitasker that works as a lip balm as well as a natural beauty blush on cheeks. This color stick is infused with argan oil which has a quality of nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. This product has the advantage of repairing your natural skin from any damage. To make a perfect application of this color stick, apply it directly on the cheeks, make dots, and then blend it out with a brush or fingers. It gives an instant freshness and a natural bright look on the face. When applied to the lips, it shines throughout the day vibrantly. 

Is Josie Maran Argan Oil Worth It?

There is a big fan base for 100% natural products these days. Similarly, josie maran argan color stick happy oil is famous for its natural qualities. You will soon find good results on your skin. This oil is multitasking. It comes in many sizes. Firstly if you want to try it for a few weeks, then order a travel pack which will at least go on for around 3 weeks. Is this oil worth it? Yes, this light oil dispels on your skin so quickly and effortlessly leaving moist skin. It is irritation free and does not feel sticky on your skin. If you are worried about those wrinkled lines on your face, then cheer up as this oil heals these wrinkled lines and gives your skin a natural look.

If this oil is applied to hair, it gives a softer texture to hair. The damage which has been done to you due to dirt and dust, this oil cures it. Another benefit of this product which is environmental is you can send empty bottles to recycle on Teracycle for free, they will then upcycle it into a new product with zero wastage.

What is the Disadvantage of Argan Oil on Face?

Nothing is perfect or free from disadvantages. Argan oil may have some negative points to consider. While using it, make sure you store the oil properly. It should not come in contact with direct sunlight and do not use it if it smells bad.

People who have nut allergies should not use this oil on their face or hair because oil is made from tree nuts. Also, some of you have much sensitive skin which on using oil can cause itchiness, redness, or rashes. So, use it carefully. You can consult your skin doctor, or try this product once or twice to see if it suits your skin.

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Some other disadvantages are, if not used properly, it will cause skin allergies. Additionally, it helps you prevent wrinkles, but if your face has pre-existed wrinkles, then it won’t cure that.


Overall this product is a great choice as it has multiple uses, is easy to apply, and gives a natural look to your cheeks. Also, it has lovely packaging which you can carry on in your purse. So, try it once, you may love it. 




(By Nikita Jain)