The 9 Biggest Beauty Trends for 2023

The end of the year is a time for predictions, at least for the better. Observing the trend of the route and feeding the public with our own ships in the past months can predict and better manage our own. And it's a good thing too: in a difficult situation, a step forward is necessary to maintain aesthetic balance.

From ethereal stones to lightning, the beauty of 2023 is expressed in every imaginable material, both in application and in effect. The documentary focuses on the future of our collective evolution - and all the positives that come with it.

Here are the top 9 beauty trends to watch in 2023.

Y2K Continues

Y2K Continues Beauty trends

A lighter, brighter, less Y2K influence will continue to reign in 2023, a beauty that has changed as you get used to a simpler palette. "I think the youth are redefining this era with their colors and styles: metallics, brights and pastels that you see on CDs," said Marcelo Gutierrez, the artist who created the Y2K mix. -Holiday stories about our seasonal hobbies. Look for holographic metallic tones and cool accents.


Warmed-Up Hair Colors

Warmed-Up Hair Colors Beauty trends | FashionSootra

The shades you love are heating up. From pink to red, the hair colors of choice are rich and fun – think Bella Hadid's Aspen blonde and Kim Kardashian's luscious length. These primary colors are characterized by nature; peroxide to consider the content of the secretion for interesting results.

Retro Flash Makeup

Retro Flash Makeup

Skin will be brightened in 2023. To accompany flawless, well-toned skin, carefully applied illuminating foundation delivers a radiant glow that feels more like a finishing touch to the main effect than a reflection of light. A good example is Gucci's Spring 2023 runway and its "Old Hollywood Flash" highlighter, which makeup artist Thomas De Kluyver created to mimic the effect of retro flash photography.

Face and Body Jewelry

Face and Body Jewelry

Jewelery is still in (small) favor in 2022, and 2023 will see temporary jewelery to help transform the face and body into living beings. Whether you want stained glass chairs, jeweled columns like the one featured at Peter Do (and in collaboration with Gutierrez), the three-faced ornaments that Isamaya made food for Giambattista Valli, or actual materials. in Dolls & Dolls (Butterflies! Stars! Crystals!), more will be added in the coming months. And if your makeup is a little more sophisticated, use a 3D effect on your nails.

Lots of Liner

Kat Von D Inkwell Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner application is subject to a lot of criticism. While long cat videos definitely stay here, New Year's lashes still warrant two looks, whether the inner corners continue the TikTok eye trend or drawn in and finished with an unexpected detail like a Peter Philips cross. Price for Dior. The Lush lining is in line with the gothic revival and grunge styles that are currently taking the country by storm. In addition, according to experts, new technologies make the line easy to use - and once the desired item is found, it is difficult to destroy it.

Less Brows, More Fun

Bleached Brows Are This Summer's Most Controversial Beauty Trend

Thin (or dry) eyes now appear as part of our normal evolution. This year, year 2000 eyebrows (think of those days) and bleached faces are back, and the latest fashion trends have hit the new catwalks, which is a cheap way to stand out. In the spring, Marc Jacobs took to the runway with bright eyes, the trend was repeated by Givenchy this fall, and Lucia Pieroni's design honored the motif of sunglasses with small eyes. Doja Cat walked on, looking away, which at first irritated her, and then she appreciated the situation in which she found herself.

Skin Care as Makeup

Skin Care as Makeup

Natural skin care and alternative makeup. Khaite and Gabriela Hearst's two spring 2023 shows showcase the results of Tata Harper masks and treatments, while Brandon Maxwell and Proenza Schouler focused on no-makeup looks. . . . New skin plays an important role. At Fendi and Altuzarra, dark skin is highlighted with highlighter and a bronze brush or stroke that sculpts and defines dark skin tones, while opaque lips complete the look. In all cases, the conclusion is clear: nothing replaces healthy skin.

Ever-Evolving Shags

Ever-Evolving Shags | Fashion Sootra

The snow was no less controversial. Despite the modern aesthetic, the cut style is straight, the retro style is going through a good (and fresh) change. New versions of the traditional bun are popping up all over the media, and styles like the wild dog cut and the big (and especially feminine) bob cut are inspiring short hair lovers to consider. with their work.

Polished Manicures

A Detailed Guide to Every Type of Manicur

Stones, lightning and other decorative elements can be many, but the latest trend in the 2023 nail scene is hand painting and polishing. According to Tom Bachik, the nail stylist responsible for Jennifer Lopez's groundbreaking look, there's nothing better than perfect color wasted on bare nails. "Think about the right rules before deleting," he said.