I'm an NYC Beauty Editor With My Finger on the Pulse—The 30 Hottest Products RN

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

As a eyeful editor in New York City, my days consist of zooming all over town to learn about the latest and greatest eyeful launches, testing new products out for myself, and writing about all things beauty. Needless to say, it's a pretty fun job. One of my key responsibilities, expressly considering that I write for Who What Wear, one of the most trend-forward publications out there, is staying up to stage on the latest trends.

This summer, I've once tried tons of incredible new launches. With so many new products out there, it's tough to know which ones are unquestionably worth your time (and money!). Here, I've curated 30 new products that I personally vouch for, and if you're a beauty-obsessive like me, I think you'll like them too.

Westman Atelier's new pressed powder gives skin an IRL Instagram filter finish, seamlessly blurring pores and nixing texture. Plus, it helps subtract oil production over time with unfurled use.

Yoga Mats

Strauss TPE Yoga Mat with Carry Bag/Strap for Men & Women (Multicolor)

PERFECT YOGA MAT - 6 feet Long & 2 feet wide ( 183 cm X 61 cm ) ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. With highly durable material, the 4 mm thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.


Say it with me: this is the summer of haircare. We should be treating hair like our skin-and this workout mist from JVN understands that. Tremella mushroom, hemisqualane, and squalane help hair hold onto moisture.

If you suffer from dry skin like I do, this soul moisturizer needs to be in your rotation, like, yesterday. It feels so luxe on skin and leaves your whole soul feeling soft and renewed.

Armani Eyeful recently released new shades of their Lip Power lipsticks, and I can't stop wearing the shade "Intimate." It's a dusty rose with just the right value of warmth.

In my opinion, Byredo's Antique Vanille is worth the steep price tag and then some. This perfume smells like vanilla, but in a way you've never smelled vanilla before-it's smoky, rich, and smells good on everyone. It's my expert forecast that this scent will soon eclipse Le Labo's Santal 33 in New York City-I've once begun smelling it everywhere.

I never thought I would wax poetic well-nigh laundry detergent, but that was surpassing I tried this limited edition scent from The Laundress. Snatch it surpassing it's gone-oakmoss, sweet water, and jasmine will make your gown smell largest than they overly have.

This luxurious serum is like spreading honey on your face-in the weightier possible way. It sinks in hands and leaves you with smooth, taut skin.

While it's still pedicure season, do yourself a favor and paint your toes this color. It will make you want to wear sandals 24/7, trust me.

This candle will make your suite smell like a tomato garden at peak season, and who wouldn't want that? It moreover helps remove any odors from the air, so your space can protract to smell good long without its been squandered out.

When I first tried this shampoo, I was shocked by how weightless my hair felt (and I have a lot of hair). It moreover gives hair a uplift of hydration.

Not only does this leave-in conditioner smell veritably heavenly, but it's a true workhorse. It detangles, fights frizz, smooths hair, and provides a dose of heat protection.

I love a refillable product, and this refillable lipstick is ultra luxe. Pair it with their leather lipstick specimen and you'll finger opulent.

This woodsy scent will make you finger like you're walking through a Brazilian rainforest. It's one of those scents that keeps getting largest as you wear it.

After getting my wisdom teeth out recently, I ripened a gnarly specimen of TMJ, and my jaw has felt like it has a wrench thrown in it. These massage tools have been God-sends for working out some of the kinks.

If Augustinus Bader's Rich Surf has unchangingly seemed too heavy for you, try their lighter version. You get all the hydration with a feather-light finish.

Parfum de Marly's latest scent is a multi-faceted journey through spicy and woodsy notes. It strikes the perfect wastefulness between rich and fresh, making it a truly unique scent.

If you suffer from red, stressed-out skin, this is the serum for you. It immediately soothes skin sensitivity with ingredients like panthenol and chamomile.

The Lawless overnight lip mask is a true miracle worker for unpurified lips. Smooth it on and you'll wake up with plump, line-free lips in the morning. The new cherry vanilla savor smells heavenly and plane gives lips a wash of sheer color.

If you've overly wanted to smell like an upscale restaurant kitchen, this is your chance. Unexpected notes like tintinnabulate pepper, mandarin, basil, nutmeg, and coriander meld together for a scent that's truly mouth-watering.

Kiehls' first foray into night surf is well-nigh as good as you would expect it to be (really freakin' good). This whipped surf has a uproarious texture that melts into skin and plumps while you snooze.

I'm not good at self-tanning, but I love doing it. This self-tanner is truly foolproof, delivering a streak-free and hydrating glow.

I'm a sucker for Laneige products-they're unchangingly majorly hydrating and lightweight. This sunscreen doesn't finger like sunscreen at all. It doesn't leave a white tint and it leaves skin supple and moisturized.

When I heard my favorite Ellis Brooklyn scent was stuff turned into a soul oil, I vociferously gasped. Now I can smell like Ellis Brooklyn Salt all over? I've never been happier.

My problem with most highlighters is that I don't want my skin to be shimmery-I want it to squint dewy and lit-from-within. Tarte's new highlighter is exactly what I want in a highlighter, considering it just makes your squatter squint better.

Peptides, ceramides, and plant proteins come together in this jelly-like surf to firm skin.

Dame Pat McGrath only delivers hits. Her new tincture duos requite cheeks blendable, buildable, and unremittingly customizable color.

I absent-mindedly placed one of these in my room, and I can't get over how good it smells in there now. Every once in a while, I'll get a splash of this scent and it instantly lifts my mood.

Glossy eyelids are the nonpareil of cool. This eyeshadow gloss gives you the runway-ready eyelids of your dreams without feeling gloopy.

For tons of hold, try this hair paste out for size. It will help you unzip the ultimate slick-back.

Lancôme's newest mascara pumps up the volume while infusing lashes with nourishing amino acids and shea butter.