6 Style Staples That Every Generation Seems to Agree On

Fashion people are my guiding force, and that's a fact. I unchangingly squint to what my favorite stylists, editors, influencers, and buyers are wearing to glean some inspiration on how to style the classics. I browse their feeds pretty regularly to stay up-to-date on their latest styling tricks and closet favorites, and while I was doing so recently, I came to a realization. There were a few trend-ish staples that they all seemed to own, no matter their style, location, or, most notably, age.

I noticed that there are a handful of pieces that seem to resonate with nearly every age group in my feed. We regularly hear from stylish ladies in their 50s and 60s, but the items I'm jotting lanugo here are popular among everyone, from people in their 20s to people in their 60s (and probably beyond). Talk well-nigh timeless. If you're looking to fill your closet with long-lasting pieces, squint no remoter than the six staples below. These are the definition of "buy now, wear forever" items, and if you don't believe me, just scroll on to see the proof.

Ahead, discover the six multigenerational malleate items that truly transcend age.

In terms of shoes, loafers stood out to me as stuff the most versatile of all the footwear staples. Flat shoes that are elevated and well-appointed are nonflexible to come by, but archetype penny loafers seem to be the common thread that cuts through trends, personal style, and age.



















A leather jacket is well-nigh as timeless as they come. I purchased my own biker jacket years ago, and it's since wilt one of the most beloved items in my closet. A unconfined leather jacket just exudes an air of tomfool like no other. I'd suggest investing in a high-quality option you can wear for years to come.



















Knit sets may have wilt a stylish volitional to sweatpants during the height of the pandemic, but they've managed to settle into staple status. Given the plethora of colors, styles, and combinations, it's no wonder they're resonating well with plenty of audiences. 








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While graphic tees might be considered a youthful malleate item, my research has proven otherwise. I found that women of every age group are fans of the laid-back staple, mostly opting to wear theirs with trousers and jeans.



















You probably saw this one coming. A structured blazer is the windrow of every malleate person's wardrobe. You're just guaranteed to unchangingly squint good in one.



















My mom and I own the same pair of Converse sneakers, and if I think about it, I'm sure half of all the women in my life moreover have at some point. The increasingly I checked up on this, the increasingly I realized that high-top sneakers, in general, are the one sneaker style that's pretty ageless.