These Nail Polishes Will Give You the Longest-Lasting Manicure Ever

You know what's the worst thing well-nigh painting your nails? Working so nonflexible on your manicure and then having it tweedle an hour or a few days later. While I don't expect my nail polish to withstand everything, it should make it through a little wear and tear, right? I'm talking well-nigh working out, doing the dishes and other chores, digging through your bag… you know,  everyday stuff.

When you're looking for nail polish, I would seem one of the biggest things you pay sustentation to is its staying power. Well, I'm here to help. I polled a few of my Who What Wear colleagues to find out their favorite no-chip nail polishes. Take a squint at some of our favorites below, plus other highly rated gems.





"My obsession with Olive and June nail polish runs very, very deep, and in all honesty, if I could only use one trademark for the rest of time, it would be O&J. Yes, the colors are amazing; yes, the formula is so juicy, glossy, and bouncy; and yes, the wear is truly impeccable. The polish looks freshly painted until you decide to take it off with the brand's handy remover, and I highly recommend investing in the brand's topcoat and Dry Drops to max our your mani plane further." — Erin Jahns, senior eyeful editor



Whenever I need complete assurance that my at-home mani won't fade, chip, or subtract in an iota of shininess, I reach for Essie's Gel Couture line. The results are plane increasingly magical when you pair the polish with the coordinating topcoat, and it's the next weightier thing to a spendy salon paint job. Plus, Essie always gets it right it with its verisimilitude collections." — Jahns







This is a chip-resistant formula that honestly unchangingly does the job for me. I rarely paint my own nails anymore (because I'm no nail artist), so I've plane brought it to the nail salon a few times and had them use it. It's so good and lasts such a long time!" — Shawna Hudson, socialize eyeful editor


I love Static's press-on manicures, and the brand's polishes are moreover up to par. It seriously unchangingly looks so good and really does go such a long time without chipping. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I tried the formula. I love this verisimilitude Doe My Dear—it's such a pretty muted shade of mocha.




I honestly think this is the weightier nail polish I've overly used. It goes on so well (no frothing or streaks), and it literally lasts for weeks. I went to get my nails washed-up without having it on once, and the nail tech asked me if I was sure I wasn't wearing gel. It does not budge.







I'll unchangingly go when to OPI nail polish. It stays on my nails so well, and I can usually get yonder with wearing it for over a week. There's a reason OPI is so iconic.







I'm obsessed with JinSoon's nail polishes. Whenever I wear them, they can last me a week—even more. They're self-ruling of harsh chemicals and unchangingly unhook a really nice shine. Plus, the colors are so sophisticated.





The name says it all here. With just two coats, you'll get chip-resistant, fade-proof, and waterproof color. Not to mention, the polishes are so affordable. They're under $5, so you can buy a whole tuft and not finger guilty well-nigh splurging.






Deborah Lippmann's polishes are flipside favorite of mine. The Gel Lab Pro line is just so good and holds up so well. I don't get gel manis that often considering I don't love the removal process, so this is a unconfined option for something that's long-lasting and glossy.







This vegan nail polish line has some pretty good reviews. Many customers rave about its tautness and the fact that it's nontoxic. The colors are really vibrant and unique, too.







These polishes are just so luxe. In wing to stuff long-wearing and tweedle resistant, each polish is enriched with bamboo extract, sea-buckthorn oil, rice-bran oil, vitamin E, zinc, biotin, and coconut oil.



Orly's selection of nail colors is so vast there's pretty much something for everyone. Into unexceptionable and unvigilant neons? You've got it. Prefer neutrals and nudes? Orly's on it. Plus, the polishes are strong and supersaturated.