Exercise with a Busy Schedule: Tips for a Stress-Free Life

Most of us struggle to find time to exercise every once in a while. When your inbox is spiralling out of control, your boss wants to schedule another meeting at 6 p.m., your kids need to be bathed, fed, and driven, and you haven't had a meaningful conversation with your partner in ages. weeks - then you’re running, spinning class or yoga mat dates are probably the first things checked off your daily to-do list.

When you feel like you're running out of time (instead of running, for example), your workout becomes more important than ever. Not just when you're working towards a goal or training for a race, but also because even 20 minutes of physical activity can significantly improve your mood, state of mind and overall well-being. (And it's good for you, your boss, your kids, and your partner.

Exercise with a Busy Schedule

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So how do you find time to exercise when life seems crazy? Here are nine ways to keep your workouts rolling, no matter how busy you are. The day passes quickly. One minute you wake up looking forward to something you want to accomplish, and the next minute you go to bed at night thinking, Well, there's always tomorrow.

When you're busy, you have to put things off, which means exercise can be neglected by many people. But the thing is, while sometimes you overdo it, most of the time you just need to put in a little more effort. Regular exercise is a commitment, so it takes time and effort. If you're using your schedule as an excuse to quit, you can find ways to make exercise a daily habit, even if your schedule is tight. If you want to know more about morning walking benefits of body shape exercise.

The Impact of a Run Commute on Your Health

To make time to exercise, I came up with a crazy schedule to get to work,” says Marisa Cummings, who works in investment banking and has an unpredictable and demanding schedule. When I lived 10.5 miles from my office in Manhattan, I walked to work, sometimes in both directions. I was a member of a gym right next to my office, so every Sunday evening I would pack up a week's worth of clothes and store them in a locker at the gym throughout the week.

Run Commute on Your Health

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Then on Monday I ran home and made sure to keep some shoes, cardigans and coats at the gym. Then I ran to work the rest of the week, showered and changed at the gym - and still arrived at my office by 6:45 a.m., occasionally doubling up to rack up extra miles during training season. I've only made a mistake twice: once when I forgot my bra and another time when I got to the gym and it was attached. I had to go home to change 25 minutes by metro then return to the city center.

Always keep your workout clothes with you:

As a journalist who travels a lot and has an irregular schedule, I always have a pair of running shoes and a few clothes in my car,” says Garret Woodward.

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That way I can go whenever I am.” It is also fun because you never know where you'll end up. It can be difficult to find the time, but this challenge is also fun, even if it only lasts 20 minutes.


I love grocery shopping," says writer Megan Harrington.  When I run 1.25 miles to my son's daycare. I ran home with the stroller empty. Besides running to the post office, I also go to the supermarket.

Plan your workout like plan your meetings:

"I make time for exercise by putting it on my calendar and planning my day around it," says Jenna Deitch. “I have to reach them this way.”


My husband and I trade days so he's there in the morning in case our son gets up early and then we tag each other when I get home. It’s also good because it makes me feel guilty if I “waste” one of my training days. After all, my husband could have trained.


 I hated paying for a gym membership in my building on top of my rent for years, but it was the best decision of my life, says Jessica Derschowitz, I can take the elevator straight to the gym and I'm on the treadmill.


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My husband and I plan evening dates,” says Grace Henderson Hartman. We schedule a babysitter, conduct our long errands together and finish the day with margaritas and tacos at a restaurant close to our apartment."


"Treat exercise as fun," says running coach Patrick Hammond. It has served me well for the past 24 years.

Take A Mid-Day Walk:

Sometimes you may have time to exercise in the morning. During your lunch break, you can go 10-20 minutes to the city center or a nearby park. You can also take advantage of the lush green park and practice yoga poses while relaxing.

Set Your Alarm Early:

If you have to look after small children every morning, make a schedule the night before. Get up earlier than usual and exercise for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also run around your neighbourhood for 30 minutes or jog around your house. Never underestimate the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise.

Work Out on Sunday:

You feel a sense of accomplishment when you start your Monday morning workout on Sunday.

What else do you do on Sundays besides going to church? Do you spend time with your family and go shopping together? You can spend that time in boot camps or cycling outdoors. This is probably the best way to practice without affecting your tight schedule.