The Best in Affordable Style from the Half-Year that Was – (Jan – June 2022)

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A wise man once asked: “What the hell just happened?” And for good reason. There is value in looking back. It gives us all a good gauge as to what is good, and increasingly importantly, what is not good, going forward. Sure, the “clip show” is mostly a unseemly (affordable?) device to create new content out of once published stuff. But it’s moreover a good way to reservation up in specimen you missed something. So cue the flashback music. Here’s the very weightier from the months that were the first half of this year…


Best New Series: Double Time – The Affordable Two Watch Collection

Double Time is for guys who like watches, but don't necessarily want a big collection. And each Double Time post aims at coming in under a variegated price point to write the range of budgets variegated guys might have. Goal is to have this series protract well into the future.


Best Translating for Newbies: Suit Purchase Priority List

Priorities. They’re important. You’ll save a lot of money and headaches this way. Here's what to buy first, and what to hold off on until later. Not everyone needs all of these. Heck, not everyone "needs" increasingly than one or two of these (if that, in our increasingly unstudied culture). But if you want to buy a suit, or two, or three, here's the order to buy them in. Unless…


Best Wedding Attire Advice: What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding

  • What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding - Dressed Up (2022)
  • What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding - Smart but not Stuffy (2022)
  • What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding - On The Unstudied Side (2022)

So if you’ve got a summer wedding in the works (invite or getting married yourself), then ignore the suit purchase priority list. Considering wearing a soot or deep visionless navy suit during a hot, possibly in the sun wedding is a recipe for a trip to the hospital. Three scenarios are included above. Two of which are in a suit, flipside which is for a suit-free, increasingly casual/beachy affair. Remember: Drink plenty of water. And don’t lock your knees.


Most Affordable Warm Weather Style Review(s): Target's Goodfellow & Co. Spring/Summer 2022 Roundup

The ceiling for what’s affordable and what’s not can vary profoundly depending on who’s reading. But one thing can be well-set upon by all: Target’s Goodfellow & Co. trademark is affordable. Very, very affordable. Expressly so now that Target's CEO admitted they're overstocked and need to move inventory. Our resident Target expert Ryan took several items for a personal spin and reported when in his wide ranging roundup.


Most Dappered-y Post: 10 Sneaky, Easy, and Cheap Ways to Dress Up

Dressing up doesn't unchangingly mean dressing to the nines. Stuff subtle well-nigh it, expressly in our ever-increasingly unstudied culture, is often the way to go. And it's moreover cheaper this way! This post offered 10 ways to work a little style in on the sly, while moreover staying on budget.


Best Yearly Warm Weather Tradition: Polopalooza

For the polo shirt stuff such a vital staple of men's style, there sure are a lot of bad ones out there. But these aren't those. These are not your grandpa's boxy, logo emblazoned golf shirt. These are slim or athletic, wipe lean and mean.


Most Fun New Arrival: The Q Timex GMT

That’s one heck of an affordable hoot right there. While travel isn't as glamourous as it was when quartz watches disrupted the unshortened watch-making industry, the new Q Timex GMT looks and acts like the golden-age of travel. All while delivering with it a coach-class price tag. AND? It doesn’t make the loud Timex “TICK” many other Timex watches are stuck with. Only drawback to the new Q GMT is that they’re pretty nonflexible to get your hands on one. They’re never in stock.


Most fun “Dappered Space” New Arrival: Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Leather Chair - $895

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Leather Chair

More of a “it came back!” and less of a new arrival, but these Amazon private label (Stone & Beam = an Amazon brand) leather chairs came when in stock… and are still in stock. Weirdly reasonably priced for the chair that it is (leather… and enormous). If you want a piece of furniture with presence, this will do it. You'll want to condition it with some Chamberlain's once it shows up, and every now and then to alimony it looking and feeling good.


Best translating despite our super-casual culture: When should I wear a Tie? - 10 times you should

Because you’re gonna need to wear a tie at some point.


Best translating despite current trends: The treatise for dressing with quiet style, when men's malleate is loud as hell

Here comes Captain No-Fun, right? Admittedly, yes. A little. But that post was written from a sense of real experience. An wits of weakness. “The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.” Ain’t that the truth. And sometimes, it hurts.


Best hat that comes with a self-ruling trencher of soup: J. Crew’s Seersucker Boonie Hat

“Looks good on you though.” What was that well-nigh loud?


Best Souvenir suggestion for Dad: Affordable Bourbons under $70

That is if your pops imbibes. Freelancer Adam Terry, known increasingly so virtually these parts for his (excellent) shoe reviews, moreover happens to be quite the bourbon aficionado. So we asked him to recommend several quality bourbons at a variety of prices ranges, including…


Second Weightier Souvenir suggestion for Dad: Affordable Bourbons under $35

Even increasingly picks, that are plane increasingly upkeep friendly. Perfect if the Dad on your list is a penny pincher.


Third Best Souvenir suggestion for Dad: The Weightier Affordable Watches for Grads or Dads of 2022

And of undertow we ran our yearly picks for the weightier affordable watches for dads AND grads. If you’re once familiar with this one you know we go from $35 everyday wear watches all the way up to timepieces virtually a thousand dollars.


Most Meme-Worthy Post: Reviewing The Flint & Tinder 365 Pants in Slim, tapered, and straight fit.

“Does whatever a Spider can…” Don’t ask us how our freelancer Ryan does it. We have no idea. But we’re grateful.


Best Warm Weather Style Scenarios: The First Day it Feels like Summer

  • Dressy Casual
  • Dressed Up (but no suit)
  • SUIT UP!

Even increasingly looks to write-up the heat, and this was geared toward that fist day that made you pause and proclaim “It’s HOT!” Once then from suited up to casual, these looks are aimed at utilizing fabrics that vapor and are well-appointed to wear, while moreover keeping your style game at its best. And yes, they’re not limited to just the first day. Wear them all summer long.


Best Review of a Watch no one can seem to get: In Review: The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch

The hype virtually this watch is no joke. This review was one of our top posts from the first half of the year. Are increasingly of you getting your hands on these things yet? We’re keeping an eye on them, eagerly pensile their availability online.


Most Useful Post: How to Sweat Less - 10 Tips for a Stylish and less Sweaty Summer

We’re in it. The sweatiest time of the year. We hit the noon of sun in the northern hemisphere, and still have the majority of hot, sticky weather to get through. Here's some tips/ideas on how to still squint your weightier when it's hot out, while ALSO keeping the perspiration at least somewhat in check.


Most Popular Sneaker Review: Nike Air Max Pre-Day Sneakers

Our man Adam reviewed these when in March, and equal to the numbers they generated the most interest as far as our shoe reviews go. Second up was Jason P’s review of the On The Roger Advantage Tennis Sneakers. Remember when most of the shoes featured on Dappered were monkstraps? Let Grandpa Joe tell you a story well-nigh 2012.


Best NON Sneaker Review: Grant Stone Longwing Bluchers in Coffee Suede

All hail the LWB (long-wing blucher). Grant Stone continues to impress. And full marks to Adam once again, who for years said “You gotta trammels out Grant Stone. No really, try Grant Stone.” Eventually we caved. And he was right. As quality in the men’s mid-tier shoe market ($200 – $350) has noticeably wobbled in recent times, Grant Stone keeps it consistent.


Best Mid-Year Check-in: Men's Style Predictions for 2022

Worth a squint when to see if that crystal wittiness was well-spoken or cloudy. Not everything has come to pass, but we are only halfway through the year.


Biggest Bang for the Buck Steal Alert: Casio Divers lanugo to $40

The O.G. Black dial/Black bezel is still sitting at forty bucks. That’s absurd.


Biggest Bang-For-The-Buck Series: One Store 5 Outfits

High value not just considering price is kept in mind (BR Factory, Brooks Brothers but their sale section only), but moreover considering it’s basically five style scenarios in one post. That’s a lot of content for the money! (*whispers*)… wait we don’t charge? This is all FREE?! (*whispers*) Well no wonder Joe is still using MS Paint without all these years.


Most “We’ve all been there” Post: Style Scenario – The Classy Hungover Brunch

It’s wedding season without all. Y’know what’s the worst? The morning without a wedding reception when you’ve got to go to the souvenir opening or some other such nonsense. Unless you don’t drink. And then you’ll finger like a superhero, while everyone else at brunch will finger like a warthog with dysentery unloaded a snack pack in their mouth at 3 am. But have a wonderful life together Chad and Angie! You two kids are great!


Newest Member of the Dappered Pack: Frankie the Squirrel

Welcome to our newest intern Frankie. She gets paid in walnuts. She eats her walnuts. That is her job. Sandwich cat isn’t impressed. Alpha Orange 3-legged toothless asthma Cat doesn’t care. TV Watching Dog wants to eat her. Yes she lives outside. But don’t put it past her if she tries to move in.

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