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One of the biggest fashion trends of 2022 is clashing colors. It means mixing and matching bright colors into one outfit. It means head-to-toe color. The most important thing about clashing colors is that you should pick your shades carefully. Also, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy new clothes altogether. You can pick clothes from your wardrobe and make a color clashing outfit. Colors that clash can be worn to create a vibrant look. The rule is that you should skip subtle items and pick bold fashion statement items.

There was a time when it was a rule to follow many fashion rules. But thankfully, now fashion rules are considered outdated now. And, now, it is the time to go beyond these fashion rules. Creativity and dressing differently is fashion expression put the correct way. Wearing clashing colors is a way to dress comfortably. Long ago, it was said that black brown, navy and black, red and green do not mix properly into an outfit. but gone are those days and now there is color clashing.

So, let’s take a look at some clashing colors fashion ideas in 2022:

Pink & Green

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Pink and green look good together. These are well-suited. This a vibrant and eye-catching combination. For clashing colors like these, you can use a darker contrasting color.

Orange & Pink

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This is a subtle combination. A pair of pink trousers and an oversized orange top at first might not feel like going together, but they actually do. These vibrant tones of colors look good in a bold way.

Red & Pink

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Wearing red and pink together was once considered not cool but now it is one of the coolest color pairings. So, the colors that look good here in the combination are raspberry and maroon. There are several other shades and hues like blood red and strawberry.

Tonal Brights

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The easiest way to clash color that is also effortless is that you can wear the same shades in different textures. You can mix wool and cotton with velvet and silk. You can mix suede. Although, the colors are the same but the textures are different. And then, you should add some clashing accessories.

Block Colors

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You can switch to block colors and avoid prints. This means that you need to think about how the shapes of your clothes work together. When you are putting together an outfit, if one part of the outfit is oversized, then you can pair it with something fitted. This will make you achieve balance. You should know which colors suit you before the styling part. It is important to know the right colors according to your skin type, hair color, and eye color. Then you can identify which colors suit you the best. You can then bring these colors back into your wardrobe, styling, and shopping. You can go wild in combining colors together.

Neon with Neutral

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If you have shades like beige aesthetic, cream, and caramel, then there is an option for you. You can mix these shades with neon. Highlighter shades will make any pale color brighter.

Choose Deep Tones

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Choosing two deep tones together is also clashing colors together. You can choose pink and emerald green. Keeping the shades of the similar depths will create a big impact. This is opposed to mixing a bold shade and a pastel.

Less is More

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Don’t feel bad if bold color isn’t your comfort zone. You don’t have to wear bold shades all over. You can wear one statement piece all over. Accessories are a great addition to brightness. You can carry a nice green bag with a black ensemble.

Mix Something Unexpected

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You can mix two unexpected shades together. Lavender and lemon can be mixed together. Refrain from classic color combinations. Carry something with you to make it more natural.

Break the Rules

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You need to break out from the conventional rules of fashion. You can wear shades like a pink and red together. They look cool together. You can wear lemon yellow too.

Wear Winter Shades in Summer

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It might seem that chocolate is a color that is worn in colder months. But it has made its way into warmer months too. It can be mixed with shades like a pale brown. So, this contrast between a rich and dark brown shade is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Green Shade and Mixing it with other Shades

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You can mix spearmint with mustard. You can mix green with yellow. Green is a color full of life and it looks great when mixed with other different colors.

Choosing Several Similar Shades